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STILL NO REFUND!!! Giving me a Run Around

I ordered two appliances in Sept 2018 after issues and miscommunication with that delivery and more issues and miscommunication for an exchange (with delivery) scheduled for Dec 8 2018, I was left with NO APPLIANCES in my home but my $2,200+ BALANCE STILL REMAINS!!! It is now January 2019 and while Representatives don’t hesitate to call me three times for the first missed credit card payment NO ONE HELPS ME RESOLVE WHY I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED A FULL REFUND!!!
It went from Best Buy blaming delivery warehouse to warehouse blaming Best Buy to me opening two cases of which were escalated for a refund, APPROVED for a refund, assured (on Dec 09 2019) that I’d receive my refund within a few business days, me calling around holiday season END OF DECEMBER to see why my REFUND WAS STILL NOT POSTED, then being told by the manager of my case that the refund was in fact issued so they’re “not sure why it still hasn’t appeared on my bank statement” and tell me I will have to then call Citi bank (of Best Buy Credit Card) to inquire about refund. I call Citi bank they say no record of a reruns has been sent to them and that I will then have to call Best Buy.
This is nearly $2500 DOLLARS!!! It is now January 2019 and I am instead receiving calls from citi bank about why I missed my last payment when I should be receiving a CLEARED BALANCE AND A CHECK IN THE MAIL FOR THE PAYMENTS I MADE previously when I thought I’d be receiving my appliance!!

I just got off the phone with Bust Buy customer service now Jan 5 2019 510pm and the representative pretended not to hear me when I explained this entire mess so that she could hang up the call and leave me to call again for yet ANOTHER RUN AROUND!

There is no way to speak to actual corporate management nor a way to email someone whom has any control over the matter. I am just being pingponged while they keep nearly $2500 and potentially DESTROY MY EXCELLENT CREDIT!!!

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Re: STILL NO REFUND!!! Giving me a Run Around

Problem RESOLVED IN JAN 2019!