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Credit needed for item never delivered

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I was charged $235.97 on 6/3/20 for a tv stand that was never delivered - on 6/12/20 instead of delivery it to me Fedex sent it back to Best Buy as it was damaged. The o/n is
{removed per forum guidelines} - I need my money reimbursed

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Refund Issue

Good evening

I purchased a printer with other stuff in April and retunred all the items . I recieved a partial refund from best buy and till now i havent received the rest of my refund. Its been more than two months now and I have been calling them every day. one of the representatives told me that they only received part of the items and that they have written to the supervisor and they are waiting for a response. please help. Thank you.


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Refund not processing (More than 11 days)



     I returned an item that was received by you on 6/5/2020.  The order status page confirms the return was received and says to wait 5 days for you to process the return.  Today is the 11th day. Can someone help me.

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Re: Refund not processing (More than 11 days)

It sounds like you returned something to our returns warehouse. Is that correct?

If so, the last mention of current time frames is up to 15 business days due to the increase in online purchases and the COVID-19 situation. You can read up on that post here:
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Refund not received

Hello, I returned an order that was $80.80 and I recieved an email saying that BB got the returned package and that I'd receive more information about my refund in another email but I haven't received anything and it's been about a week.
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I have been trying to cancel my order since 3/17 and now Best Buy is declining my return?

I have been trying to cancel my order since 3/17 and now Best Buy is declining my return?


I am a loyal customer here at BestBuy in the store. And I come to Best Buy because of the experience. You can see this clearly in my account's lengthy purchase history for appliances and electronics mostly for my business.
I have a very unique issue here. Today I learned that from the Best Buy rep I spoke with on the phone, that my mail-in return has been declined because the boxes were received empty? Who can verify this? Why did it take this long to inform me? 
This is shocking to hear due to the fact that I followed every instruction of Best Buy's direction.

On 3/15/20 I went to the Best Buy (Burbank Store) to purchase 2 Apple iPhones (11ProMax) for my business. The rep told me there was no stock and it would be shipped out to my business within 2-3 weeks. A few days later America get's shutdown in quarantine  and most non essential businesses, including mine are forced to close.

I called back 3/17 to cancel the order since my business has been closed. The rep told me I cannot cancel and had to wait for this to ship and receive it, then bring it to the store to return it.


Order received 4/7. The items were never opened, still in it's complete original packaging. I brought it to Best Buy the the next day and they told me this cannot be returned because the system doesn't allow phones + it's past the return policy. What?  She also asked another employee to help. I asked for a manager and she also tried to push me out of the store because of new curbside rules and told me I have to call Best Buy because it's past 14 day policy. Understand that this order took 23 days to ship. So that would be impossible for a 14day return. But wait isn't there an extended Covid-19 pandemic return policy?

So this puts me in the gray area of so called "out of return policy" even though the items didn't ship until 4/7, 23 days later.
So I call Best Buy, several times to explain what happened, and why I'm trying to return 2 phones that I never opened and can't use because my business has shut down.
It took a few phone reps to understand that I just can't use the phones because my business is no longer open. Finally, I was emailed a UPS label to return the unopened items to Kentucky. Shipped it the next day. UPS Tracking received at Best Buy -KY on 4/16 XXXXXXXX.

The journey of calling every week begins to find out when I can receive my refund. Fast forward to early May. The phone reps are starting to understand that I haven't received a refund. They open a dispute. We wait. I call once a week to check and re-tell my story that I'm just trying to return the order placed in the store from March 3/15. They say wait. I call back every week. Repeat.


Then the surprise. I call again today 6/16. The phone rep states "the notes say that the boxes were returned empty and your dispute is declined." My heart dropped.
She also says there was a letter sent to me indicating this. Never received it.

I ask if I can speak to someone to clarify the details carefully and to take a look at my honest purchase history.

I'm forwarded to another Best Buy returns dept. Says "notes say customer only allowed to shop in the store."


Doesn't make sense, I have only shopped in the store. That's the beauty of Best Buy: the experience.


There's obviously some missing holes here: Why would anyone send 2 empty boxes back to Best Buy and call every week spending over nearly 2 hours every time on the phone + all the aforementioned trouble, on top of a pandemic and closure of my business? I've been trying to cancel and stop this thing from March.
Why did it take this long to inform me? What actual inspection or investigation was done?

Who received the package at Best Buy? How many people interacted with this package before the items were deemed missing? What exactly is missing and what is still inside?  If I call back, they just keep bouncing me back. 

Before I investigate and open a claim with UPS, Who can I talk to to get some answers?


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Return Delivered over a week ago but still in transit

I returned a motherboard and UPS says it was delivered on the 9th, but Best Buy's site still says in transit

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Re: Return Delivered over a week ago but still in transit



They explained that because of the Covid and high volume, there is a delay in returns processing. 

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Question about my refund

I purchased a laptop, but it was already defective. I returned it and ordered the same model of laptop. It was good, so I am writing this post with it. Anyway, I dropped the defective laptop at UPS and I received an email you've received my return and on June 11. It's been 10 days. I still haven't received a refund. I just want to know when I am going to get my money back and around how long? If you need more information, please let me know. Thank You.

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Lost Return Package



I was already discussed about this issue via online chat, but I'm leaving this message I hope I can get better support.


In summary, I dropped the Best Buy return package with a prepaid return shipping label at the UPS store on 6/10/2020 for return. The package has been lost and now nobody won't resolve this issue or refund.


I contacted UPS and was told that "at this point, unfortunately, your package is considered as lost in transit and a package investigation is required", and "please contact them to report it so that they can start the claim process".


OK, good, then I contacted the Best Buy Online chat. And I was told that "if you received any information from the UPS requesting you to ignore it", then "In that case, you will have to file the claim with the carrier and then report the lost package to the local law enforcement".


But I can't claim to UPS because I did not issue the label, which means the label belongs to Best Buy, not me. They said Best Buy is the party that claims this lost package because Best Buy paid for this label and the label is linked to Best Buy's account, again, NOT me.


So, what I understand is, basically Best Buy can refund only after receiving the return package, and nobody won't take the responsibility.


What am I supposed to do? Anybody can help me with this issue?