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Package returned to sender - Now what?

Hello Best Buy team!,


One of my recent orders sent via UPS Surepost is showing as returned to sender due to insufficient address.  This was a partial order, the other half of which I have already received with no issues,  Perhaps the address label became damaged and unreadable during shipment?


What do I need to do now?  The order status has not updated since Wednesday when it showed as returned to sender.


Please help!




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Never get refund

I returned the computer to bestbuy on April 1st and never got refund. I called the service team last week and it took one hour to get it done. The agent promised me that within two working days I should get the refund. However, it has been another week and nothing happens. 

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No refund after 6 weeks of waiting



In mid-April, I purchased a Playstation 4 on, however, was sent the incorrect item.  At the time, I was told by a Best Buy customer service agent that upon successful return of the incorrect item, I would receive a refund for the PlayStation 4 that I never received and no longer wanted.  Best Buy successfully received the incorrect item on 4/23, however, I have still not received a refund for the over $300 dollars I spent on the PS4.


Since 4/23, I have had numerous conversations with BB support agents (both over the phone and through web chat, and I have not been able to receive any clear idea of why I haven't received my refund yet.  In addition, through these conversations, I've been told conflicting information by multiple agents.


As you may imagine, this has been very frustrating for me as I am awaiting a refund for an order I never receieved.  It's been made worse with the poor customer service I have received each time.  All I ask is that someone please tell me what is required in order for me to get my money back.It is incredibly unfair that I've had to wait this long, spend countless hours on hold or with BB support agents, and still have no clue on the status of my refund.


I have tried every channel to contact Best Buy, so I hope this finds someone and I am contact ASAP.



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Refund Credit

[ Edited ]

The service not just have to be bad for me to come to this forum. It has to fall to the level where a person decides not to make any future purchases other than to finish his credits.


I made a return of macbook pro order # {removed per forum guidelines} 

Its still not showing up on my credit card.

I dont have any status information from Best buy on what happened to the return.


I have spent about 8 hours on phone with Best Buy.


How many more hours should I budget?


When will I know that the return was complete?

What is the status of return?

When will the money be credited back to me again?

What happend to credit card bill till then?

Dp I still have to pay the credit card bill?


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You Owe Me a Refund

I sent in the lemon computer you sold me on May 3 and it's disappeared. Where is my computer? Where is my refund?


I am extremely tenacious and will not give up on this until that $1200 is back on my card and I never have to shop here again.

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Re: You Owe Me a Refund

What is the status of the tracking number? Does it show delivered at the returns center?

Due to COVID-19, the current processing time is 15 business days once it arrives at the returns center. You can read more on the processing delays and next steps here:
I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
***Know that I am not able to issue official responses and that my posts are only here to help before an official response is offered by a Best Buy Social Media Specialist***
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This is insane and illegal

I have returned my product I purchase by ups mail on the 24th of april and it was delivered at best buy warehouse on the 28th of april. I have been through the ringer of over a month with Best Buy and I waited my 15 days to contact. And that was 15 buisness days. I was told to wait 24 to 48 hours and it would be solved. I have now been told this 4 times when I contact back on the 48th hour. I keep getting told the team is looking at it. No I will chargeback with my bank and file a police report because at this point I have been robbed. This issue needs to be fixed now.

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Angry customer - Return not confirmed received by Best Buy - can’t get anyone to help!

I returned two items via Best Buy's prepaid UPS labels on 05-21-2020.

UPS tracking says both boxes were received at the intended destination on 05-26-20 at the same exact time.


Best Buy shows that only one box was received and to give them 5 days to process my refund.

I received an email confirming that and it's reflected on the details of my order.


However, there is one box that they have not acknowledged as returned and when I finally got through to customer service they couldn't tell me if it had been received.  When I pressed them on when I could expect the confirmation they either hung up on me or we lost connection and I haven't been able to get anyone back on the phone since.


I'm trying to be proactive because I'm afraid the deadline is going to pass for the return and I won't get my refund for the second item.  I think this especially after reading some other complaints on the forums.


Can someone please help me with this issue?


I'd hate to have to file a complaint or go to my credit card company to initiate a refund.

Any help is appreciated.

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Case Id update

[ Edited ]

An online agent told me my refund is processing and that I would receive a email. I am yet to receive an email and would like an update. My case is {removed per forum guidelines}

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Broken package. Request refund

Hi there,


I placed an order of ipad last month. However when the package arrived it was broken and nothing inside. I refused the delivery and let UPS return it. The order status correctly showed "returning" but no update for 3 weeks. Can you check the status and issue refund please?