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ABYSMAL SUPPORT - Returned Items to 3 Weeks Ago & They Never Processed Them as Returned

I needed to return 2 items from due to damage (2 orders, 1 item per order). I was instructed to call 888-BEST-BUY. I called them on January 5th and the support agent said that's fine and emailed me 2 UPS return shipping labels. I shipped them back to Best Buy, where they were delivered the very next day (January 6th). After that Best Buy never did ANYTHING. Never even marked the items as returned let alone actually processed the refunds. It's been over 3 weeks and both orders still say they were delivered to me a month ago as if it doesn't even recognize that the Best Buy agent himself actually initiated the return process long ago. I have tried to contact Best Buy Customer Service back at 888-BEST-BUY numerous times seeking assistance for this as Best Buy has clearly dropped the ball here, yet I cannot receive any support at all, and the experience has been ABYSMAL. By far the WORST Customer Service experience in my entire life, for something that should be so simple. Not to mention being an Elite member and the amount I spend at Best Buy every year, this is just so ridiculous and sad. First I got people telling me to wait 10-15 days so I did, nothing happened. Then I got people telling me to wait 10-15 BUSINESS days so I did, again nothing happened. We are now past the MAXIMUM timeframe and still my orders show delivered to me, STILL don't recognize that they have been returned over 3 weeks ago, and of course have not received any refund. I tried to call in and request to speak with a supervisor/manager and the first time the agent said okay let me review your account for a minute but then just put me in no-mans-land of quietness forever the call was still going, not disconnected, yet they never came back and spoke with me, and after 20 minutes of this I was forced to hang up and try again. Next time the agent said they would have a supervisor/manager call me back within 2 hours, it's now been over 4 hours and of course no one has called me back.


How do I get in touch with someone actually at BEST BUY in the US that has the ability to resolve this issue (NOT out-of-country L1/Help Desk agents)? You can clearly see my returns were delivered to you over 3 weeks ago, my refunds should already have been issued. PLEASE HELP!

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What's the deal with Refunds? Still Waiting!

Tomorrow will be 8 days that my product arrived back at Best Buy Returns - packed perfectly, all contents included, dropped off at the UPS Center. What's taking so long for a refund? I'm not a big fan of Amazon these days, but I've never had to wait this long for a refund from them. 

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Re: What's the deal with Refunds? Still Waiting!

Here's a link to the floated post above yours entitled "Return Center Refunds - Please Read!"


It says that the current processing time at the returns center is "7-15 Business Days".  Processing time has become extended for a number of reasons, one of which is the sheer amount of our customers choosing to shop online vs.visit stores.  In the middle of a pandemic, this is understandable, but it also leads to the processing times you currently see. I can also tell you that there is a "cooling off" period for the safety of employees in which returns are not handled due to COVID.  This window of time varies based on the packaging material.  


"Once a return has been processed, it may take up to 7 days after we process the return to reflect on your account., however, in some instances, it may take your bank or financial institution up to one billing cycle."


This is another aspect of it, once we've processed your return the ball is in your bank's court.  Some of them are processing transactions slowly right now as well.  The debit cards without a major credit card logo and Paypal seem to take the longest.  


Finally, that link above also has some helpful tips for the future on how to process a refund while avoiding the longer than normal returns center processing times.

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Refund not yet processed

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Hi, my order {removed per forum guidelines} was returned to you by UPS on 2/2/2021. I haven't received any messages telling me you're processing a refund and I haven't received the refund even though your policy states it will take no more than 5 days for you to start processing a refund. I would like a refund as soon as possible, thanks.

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No refund 20 days since product was returned

So I started a return for a LG 4K monitor on January 13th and Best Buy received it back through UPS on January 19th, since then I haven't heard anything about my return. Is there anyone here that could assist me with this? The card I purchased the monitor with is a Visa Debit, I've been told by support chat it could take a full billing cycle for it to show on my card but I'm not sure the refund has even been sent after all this time. The only info I have from my order details is "Your return made it back on Tue, January 19. Please allow up to 5 days for us to begin processing your refund."

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Issue with purchase of Sony a7RIV

I purchased a Sony a7RIV from on February 4th, 2021. When I received the item and opened the box inside where D batteries wrapped in duck tape. I was told a case was going to be opened and someone would contact me within 24 hrs. No one has contacted me and it is now February 10th. I’m extremely upset with the lack of customer service. I was charged $3268.49 for a camera I never received. I sent back the camera box with batteries I received and have tracking showing that it was delivered back your service center. I’m extremely upset that the contents of the box of the Sony a7RIV was not checked prior to my order being sent to me. I also am extremely angry that I have repeatedly had to contact customer service several times to get updates and no one has been reached out to me. I am now being told it will be 10-15 days before I receive a refund. This is unacceptable since you received your money right away when I placed my order. I have pictures of everything including what I received and the shipping label showing the weight was off when my order was sent out to me.
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Never Received Refund for Macbook Air Returned 01/06

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I am extremely disappointed with the service given to me by best buy. I have returned a gold MacBook air on January 6th and have not received a refund it has been over a month now and I have called and chatted with customer service multiple times please escalate this case and give me a refund. 
I have called multiple times over the last month and the associates have had the case closed multiple times and the return center is unreachable. 

Best Buy Case Number: {removed per forum guidelines}


Thank you so much.

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I need help with a refund please

On January 8th this year, using prepaid UPS return labels, I returned three (3) video games which I'd purchased during holiday season. Even though they were all under the same order #, I was provided with three (3) separate UPS labels, so I shipped them back to your return center via three (3) separate packages. According to the UPS tracking result, all three packages were delivered on January 11th.


As of today, I received refunds for two of three items that were returned. After waiting more than 30days, I'm still missing a refund for the third item. I contacted your customer service via chat three times and was given a case #. Each time, I was promised that I would be soon receiving the refund, and somebody would follow up with me within 24-48 hours. However, no follow-up or refund was given yet.


I would appreciate if any of Best Buy specialists can reach out to me to help me with the issue I'm having with.

Thanks in advance.



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Refund still not processed

Hi, I sent my item back to Best Buy via mail. It got there on Feb 4th.  Under order details it shows a refund will be processed within 5 days. I called and talked with customer service numerous times pointing out this was passed the 5 days. They then go on to explain that their returns take 10-15 days.    


I have an issue with order details telling me that I should expect a refund within 5 days and then being told a different policy when I confront customer service with it.       It has now been almost 2 weeks since my product was returned and still haven't received a refund!        Why does Best Buy give 2 conflicting return timelines? I don't feel like I should have to wait anymore! my product was at the warehouse I expect to be refunded in a timely manner!

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I returned a tablet and it was received on January 22, 2021. I have still not received a refund I have called customer service several times and keep being told to give the warehouse two weeks. ITS BEEN FIVE WEEKS. I was also told they sent a request to the warehouse on 2/15/2021 and to wait 48 hours for resolution. Its now 2/19/2021 and I havent heard anything and my requests to speak to a supervisor have not fulfilled.

This purchase was expensive. This is unacceptable. I will NEVER order anything from best buy again.

I have also submitted a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.