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Returned Open Box, received refund, days later, refund was cancelled by Best Buy.

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I purchased an excellent condition open box Apple iMac desktop computer $1,037.73 total from Best Buy on August 8th, 2019. When it was delivered, I found out that it had scratches on the back of the monitor. I was planning on putting the desktop computer on a desk in the middle of the room with the back of the monitor facing people when they came into my office so having the scratches was not good plus I paid for "excellent" condition.  The scratches were "fair" condition as noted by Best Buy's description: Products in Fair condition operate as intended, but show more significant scratches, dents or chips & for example, an appliance returned to a Best Buy store with a dent or large scratch or a TV with a minor scuff on the screen that doesn't affect viewing quality.  I did not want a "fair" condition computer especially if I paid an "excellent" condition price.


So I returned the desktop computer to Best Buy's physical location on August 18th, 2019. I received a return receipt and left the store WITHOUT the computer.  Days later I noticed that I was only refunded $1,007.73 because they did not refund me the $29.99 anti-virus software that I never activated; and that the $1,007.73 refund was actually voided on my credit card statement.  Best Buy initiated a refund then nullified the refund.  They did not refund me the $1,037.73 (or $1,007.73 if the software purchase was not valid for a refund even though it was never activated).


I filed a claim with my credit card company and Best Buy said this in reply: Best Buy will not accept a chargeback. The cardmember claims to have received damaged or defective goods/services. Reason debit CM rcvd damaged item on 8/18/19 met ES on 8/18/19 purchased open box Apple iMac desktop PC purchased excellent condition open box when received was more like fair condition had scratches on back of the screen sup fax#{removed per forum guidelines}, is heresay. CM placed Dotcom order BBY01-80563715XXXX on 8/8/19 for $1,037.73. The AVS, CVV, & approval obtained during order placement. Customer chose shipping as the delivery option, which was shipped on 8/15/19. CM agreed to sale & all terms/conditions including r/e/refund policy. Best Buy has the right to refuse any return, and damaged/abused merch is non-returnable. BBY has no record of CM contact. CM did not buy BBY warranty, CM can contact the manufacturer, item is covered under manufacturer warranty. No credit due. 


I actually went to the physical store myself on 8/18/19, that is proof of me contacting BBY. I have a return receipt. BBY has the desktop computer that I returned. I am out of $1,037.73. I do not have a computer and BBY has my money. Furthermore, Best Buy's return policy states that if you receive a product that is damaged in shipping, defective or that is not the product you ordered, please return it during your return and exchange time period to a Best Buy store.  I received a computer that was "defective" and "not the product that I ordered", I did what was advised on the website on the return policy and received a return receipt but was charged a few days later for a computer I returned and no longer have possession of.  The grading system on the computer was wrong. It was "fair" condition because of the scratches. I am out of $1,037.73 and a computer.