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Return denied

If you can’t help me then Bestbuy has lost a loyal customer!  I recently bought a Garmin watch. I don’t normally buy warranties because I don’t normally break things. The cashier talked me into buying one and low and behold my screen cracked after a few weeks use. I took it back to the store and they were super helpful. As they did the exchange, the system denied it. I went to the car and called the dispute center. They claimed I did an exchange got a warning and then immediately afterwards exchanged it again and that now I’m blocked for a year. 


This is crazy. Why would I do an exchange and immediately exchange it again? This was not for an upgrade, I was trying to exchange it for the same watch! I walked out with the same watch I walked in with


i went back in to the store and they looked me up in the system and the only return on file was for a printer that didn’t work when I bought it but again I exchanged it, I wasn’t going for a upgrade.


The person on the phone couldn’t help me and wouldn’t transfer me to someone who could. So apparently i’ve Been robbed out of the money I paid for the protection program.  



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Re: Return denied

sounds like the cashier may have screwed somthing up.  a moderator should be asking for more information shortly.

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Re: Return denied

Hello, Jtanner, 

Thank you for registering with the forum to reach out to us regarding your return denial. Geek Squad Protection (GSP) is intended to be easy to use, so I imagine this was the last thing you anticipated while attempting to utilize your GSP. I would be delighted to look further into this with you, so I am sending you a private message. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right corner of the page. 


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