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Return after 15 days? (VR Headset purchased online)

I bought an Oculus Go on January 5th online and used it litterally once, but have mobility issues, so I didn't return immediatly. 


I now see return period is 15 days, and thus I missed window. I chatted with Best Buy and they said to take it into local store, which with my mobility issues isn't really an option.


Now I have this $264 paper weight. Outside of selling on eBay, or CL, etc..., or giving it away, anybody have any advice? 


The thing is perfectly put back in box, all lense/scratch protectors are put back on (some not even removed), etc... 


Thank you in advance for any help. 





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Re: Return after 15 days? (VR Headset purchased online)

Welcome to the Best Buy forums, Sakarphone,

Thank you for asking us about our Return and Exchange Promise!  Although I cannot promise a different outcome will take place, we wouldn't start the 15 day time frame until you received your order.  Please send me your full name, phone number, email address, and the order number you're speaking about.  Be sure to send your information in a private message by clicking the blue button in my signature line below!

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Re: Return after 15 days? (VR Headset purchased online)

I don't know if Best Buy will allow my post to stand. We shall see. I am a Best Buy credit card holder. The card has some great promos. Also, I earn rewards when I use my card. Those rewards come in handy at Christmas time. However, there are times I don't use it. Rather, I use a Visa or MasterCard. Both cards extend return dates. Both cards extend warranty dates. Most importantly, both cards will refund your money if an item you have purchased is not fit for the purpose for which you bought it. For instance, if you have a 3 month old dishwasher that doesn't work and the seller (whether Best Buy or any other store) has no remedy for you Visa or Mastercard does. Just call your bank.
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Re: Return after 15 days? (VR Headset purchased online)

Yep, then visa charges back best buy, best buy turns it over to the lawyers, and your credit drops like a rock because it shows up as an unpaid debt.