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Return Policy in the age of Covid

I understand that the standard return policy is 15 days, however with everything that is going on and the fact we are in the middle of the pandemic. Best Buy asks all customers to not come into their retail locations if they don't feel well, which could be up to 14 days For Best Buy to not expand that window of time is insulting and ridiculous. I was a couple of days outside my 15 day window. At the very least offer a store credit. I would like a onetime waiver to return this purchase outside of the normal 15 day window. Thank you.

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Re: Return Policy in the age of Covid

Best Buy had an extended policy from March 1st through May 31st due to store closures, but since that time he published return policy has been in place except in locations with currently active store closures.  An exception outside of this companywide policy would be up to the individual store in which you are attempting the return.  

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