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Return Denied

So I have an American Express that has both my son and daughter on it (so that they can build credit and make large purchases if needed while they are at college).


I used my Amex to purchase a laptop on 02/15/2019. When I went home I realized that it was defective, it would overheat to the point where I can touch it without burning myself. It was a discrete HP laptop. I went to the store the very next day and to my surprise, my return was denied. Now I spend A LOT of money here (I have two accounts that have maintained ELITE PLUS status for 4 years now).


My son had received a warning after returning a $29 iPhone case which I told him he could buy using my Amex for his birthday. When I called the Retail Equation they were absolutely no help at all. When I called Best Buy they as well were no help at all. 


I have since filed a dispute with AMEX as I had tried to explain everything to both the retail equation employee and the best buy employee. I think I am going to start to take my 20k+ a year expenditures to another company. This is no way to treat someone who only spends money every time they are at the best buy. 


I want to know how your resolution with AMEX went as I am very anxious about having this charge on there for a laptop that DOESNT WORK AND IS A DANGER TO USE. I am also contemplating (depending on the outcome of the Amex dispute) taking this review of best buy to my 100k+ followers on youtube and 500k+ on twitter.


If anyone has any tips on how they were able to get the return to go through or any luck please let me know because I really can't believe that this is how they do business. I understand penalizing those who are doing the fraudulent activity but not those who are keeping them in business. 

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Re: Return Denied

Good morning, kennedymiller,


Welcome to our community.  Building credit is often an overlooked task for a college student, so I'm sure your kids appreciate the assistance you've offered them along the way.  I could see why having their purchases trigger some type of a return warning may have affected you in this manner, especially if your new laptop was heating to dangerous temperatures and may require an exchange.  I appreciate you reaching out to us for assistance here on our forums.


Because we respect your privacy, I'll be sending you a private message in a few minutes to gather some additional information about your case.  To read my message, just log into the forum and select the orange envelope at the top of the page.


Speak to you soon,

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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