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Restocking fee complaint and rant

Hello all, just wanted to mention that I WAS a long time customer and credit account holder with Best Buy until today. Recently I have been looking for a new camera for my business. No BB store in my area has any stock of cameras that fit my need. I picked up one in store that was misrepresented by sales person and returned it once I realized what it actually was. 

Next I decided to replace a lens on another camera I have and order a pricey $600+ lens from BB online. I did not pay any attention to the 15% restock fee notice tucked away low in the order. So undoubtedly was surprised when I was charge $97 restocking fee. It seems ridiculous that at a time where anything can be shipped from anywhere, they would have such a fee. I am certain they ship from store as needed regularly. AND they do not stock any-or very little-camera equipment in store (yes I tried 3 different locations in two states).

I challenged the charge with Citi Bank. BB denied the charge back. So today I paid them the $97.50 and cancelled my Best Buy card. I guess I will now order only from Amazon and not have to pay any re-stocking fees. Congratulations Best Buy, you not only alienated a LONG time credit customer, but you in turn drove me straight to the online juggernaut that you are trying desperately to survive an onslought from. 

Good bye. Good riddance. I have plenty of credit cards and available credit. I will miss your 0% deals on larger purchases occasionally, but I will just collect my points on my Citi credit card that is not related to BB.


One less credit card!

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Re: Restocking fee complaint and rant

Hello, kadams69,


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to contact us on our Forums. We always strive to provide the best customer service possible and I'm sorry to hear that your experience wasn't the most pleasant. Dealing with restocking fees can be annoying at times I have had a similar issue before so I can understand how you might be feeling. I would like to see if I can assist you in any way. Do you think you could send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address? To send me a private message simply click on the message button in my signature.



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Re: Restocking fee complaint and rant

I would be glad to. But I do not see a message button in your signature. Or may just be missing it….