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Replacement/refund for malfunctioning earbud | Jabra Elite Active 65t

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On April 18th, my friend bought me a pair of Jabra Elite Active 65t in New York City, and brought to me in Brazil. Unfortunately, he does not have the receipt anymore.


My left earbud is not working unless it is extremely close to the right one, literally touching each other. Already tried repairing, using other phone models, resetting it to factory defaults and recharging the case. None of them solved the problem.


I have already contacted Jabra official support and did all the tests they've asked me to do. They provided me with a confirmation number (CS******48).


Their reply: "(...) At this time, we recommend a warranty replacement. In your region the replacements are normally handled by the retailer. To continue with the warranty claim, please contact the retailer of the device. When asked, please provide any documentation they request, as well as your confirmation number from Jabra: CS******48. (...)"


I have another friend going to Orlando soon. Can I handle him the product so he can get a refund/replacement at a Best Buy unit there?


Thanks in advance.


  • His full name: Alonso {removed per forum guidelines}
  • His phone number: +{removed per forum guidelines}
  • My email address: {removed per forum guidelines}
  • Product Model Number: OTE070 (right ear), OTE071 (left ear), CPB070 (cradle)
  • Product Serial Number: Didn't find it.
  • From which New York City, NY store did you make your purchase? He does not remember.
  • What kind of credit card was used (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc…)? Amex
  • What was the total cost of the transaction? US$ 206.85
  • Were there other products on the transaction? No.