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Refurbished Macbook Arrived Broken

I placed an order online for a refurbished Macbook Pro. Originally I did not want to wait the roughly two weeks to receive the laptop and pay a couple hundred more for similar refuribished macbook pros on similar sites. However, I did so because I trusted a brand name like BestBuy when it comes to refurbishing products, substantially more than a brand I've never heard of. 
To me (at least) refurbished is just a small step below new. You have new laptops, you then have refurbished, then you have Used - Like New, Used - Great, Used - Good, etc... and then broken laptops. To me refurbished should perform like a new laptop, but with maybe some scratches. I'd expect a refurbished laptop to have work done to restore its condition to like new.
However when I received my laptop today. I plugged it in and pressed the power button and it would not turn on, rather it would do a series of 3 beeps (the 3 beeps of death), all while not turning on. This is a defective and broken laptop. And it's especially troublesome that this somehow reached me. Are your refurbished laptops not indeed refurbished? Is there no one vetting the products before they are sent out? 
I called today and the lady helping me was less than accommodating. While I'm sure its a pain to deal in customer service, the only solution (if you'll call it that) she offered me is sending a different "refurbished" laptop to me in over a week's time. I already waited longer than I'd like to receive the first one, and now I'll have to wait over another week and take off another day of work to sign for the package.
Not only do I have to wait even longer, but the confidence I had in a refurbished laptop from Best Buy has severely diminished. If a new one can't be offered to replace this one I think BestBuy should at least offer some extended warranty to stand behind its product in cases like this. I wouldn't need such a guarantee originally, but given the fact I was sent a broken laptop has me very worried the next one will also be a quality far less than advertised,and I won't notice until its past the 14 day return window. If I'm just going to be sent broken laptops, I might as well buy one off a stranger from Craiglist. However I was originally happy to pay a premium on the extra confidence behind a refurbished product.
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Re: Refurbished Macbook Arrived Broken

Hello, djgarcia2,


Thank you for taking the time to join our community forums and reaching out to us about your recent order. I can certainly understand how frustrating it would be to discover that your refurbished laptop was not working properly when you received it. We do our best to deliver products exactly how you expect to receive them and I'm sorry that this wasn't your experience. We don't typically carry refurbished products in our store locations so we may have only been able to get you another laptop via mail. I appreciate you providing your your feedback about this experience, please don't hesitate to let us know if we can further assist you with this purchase. We're happy to help!

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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