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Refurbished Galaxy S9 with tons of problems and Best Buy won´t help. DON´T BUY REFURBISHED!!!

I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S9 refurbished phone on 

I recieved the phone and to my dismay it was not "painstakingly and lovingly tested". Within a couple of days the phone started having some serious touch screen issues such as not sensing my touch and at some points clicking on the home button or near that area by itself. 

I was told to contact CCR warranty services so I could a working phone. After contacting them and filling the warranty form I was told that the IMEI number was incorrect and that there was nothing they could do. The IMEI number on the back of the phone and on the box were the phone came show the same IMEI number. 

I contacted best buy customer service and after waiting for a representative for a couple of minutes I was transfered 3 times to other representatives who couldn´t or didn´t do anything to help me. I was finally told to go to a best buy store to try and find out what is wrong with the IMEI number because there was nothing they could do. 

Absolutely shameful that a company like Best Buy has such bad customer service. 

DON´T BUY REFURBISHED PHONES FROM BEST BUY. Save yourself all the trouble and buy new.