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Re: What is BestBuy's Corporate Email Address for Filing Formal Complains? Do they have one??

How do you contact them I have been waiting on a refund for weeks now everytime I talk to someone I get constant lies. I'm over it I need someone in corporate to get this resolved now.
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Re: What is BestBuy's Corporate Email Address for Filing Formal Complains? Do they have one??

Hello, Kanicol08,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums!


Thanks for reaching out today. I can certainly understand the importance of making sure you get that refund. I would love to look into this for you. Please send me a private message providing the purchase information along with your full name, phone number, and email so I can look into this for you. To send it, click the blue button under my signature.


I look forward to hearing from you!



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Re: What is BestBuy's Corporate Email Address for Filing Formal Complains? Do they have one??

To whom would I email our recent Google review of our experience in one of your stores? Please feel free to PM me for any personal information you may need. ___________________




This review is regarding our overall customer service experience within the Whittlesey Blvd location early Saturday evening January 21, 2023. To avoid ambiguity, the FIVE STARS are SOLELY for Best Buy advisor named Joong. The store was busy while browsing the inside perimeter of the store it was evident they were short staffed. The gentleman greeting guests at the entrance confirmed this along with what we witnessed. No one asked to assist us while we browsed for about 11 minutes.




Once we entered the TV area looking at TVs, a man with the name tag PK who was as close as 4 to 10 feet of us during certain points of our visit didn’t physically or verbally acknowledge us. We later learned PK is the manager of this location. What PK was pretending to assist a customer. PK didn’t realize a member of our party can read lips. PK was busy using Best Buy’s time gossiping. Other employees needed PK’s assistance but based on some of their behavior (body language) they were reticent about asking for help and other employees needed PK’s assistance in overriding on the register but PK was having a great time talking. PK doesn’t need to be a manager. Is PK related to your CEO Corie Barry? Perhaps PK is a relative receiving a nepotism pass? I digress.





Saving the best for last. Joong was asked by a member of our party for assistance after we patiently waited for a total of 20 minutes in the store. They located Joong near the front of the store. Joong we initially thought was a manager. He stated he was an advisor and would be more than happy to assist us. Joong is a young man probably not even 21 but possessed the professionalism, maturity and savvy of people twice his age. Joong saved and secured the transaction. He was forthright, answered all of our questions, explained questions about the Geek Squad, the warranty, protection plans and also covered for his lazy and incompetent manager PK who was busy not securing a sale but using his employer’s workplace for his social life.




PK didn’t apologize for the delay. Apparently PK doesn’t like eye contact with certain customers of a particular phenotype. Please PK don’t call or email us with a fake apology either. #lipreading Joong thank you for excellent customer service. He is sincere, concise and an intelligent young man. It was a pleasure meeting and engaging with you. As for PK he doesn’t need to be in management perhaps demote him to Best Buy’s horrible misinformation and lazy customer service call center locations in the United States or abroad. PK is useless and only has eyes, ears and attention for “certain customers.”