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Re: Poor customer service

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Any kind of support from Best Buy would be appreciated. For all customers please read and be leary of how customer service treats customers. Take note of the time spent chatting. Here is my communication transcript for your eyes to believe the service is not good. Who would want to continue purchasing from Best Buy after this kind of treatment by not only an agent but a supervisor as well? 


  Logo Hello,,Your requested Best Buy chat transcript is below. We appreciate your visit to today and look forward to seeing you again soon.

General Information

Chat Start TimeChat End TimeChat DurationOperatorInteraction IDJul 28, 2019 12:57:38 GMTJul 28, 2019 13:59:48 GMT01:02:10{removed per forum guidelines}


Valerie {removed per forum guidelines} (12:57:42 GMT) : Thank you for choosing Best Buy, my name is Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}. How may I assist you today?
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(12:57:48 GMT) : Hi Danele!
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(12:57:54 GMT) : Nice to have you on chat.
Visitor (12:58:09 GMT) : Hi Valerie, I am interested in a price match guarantee, can you help me with that?
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(12:58:22 GMT) : Sure, I’ll be happy to check if the item is eligible for price matching. If it is, I can definitely help you complete your online purchase and get the lower price.
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(12:58:29 GMT) : To get started, may I please have the SKU or model number of the product from Best Buy? They can be found under the product description.
Visitor (12:58:46 GMT) : Walmart put the calculator on sale as of today for $88
Visitor (12:58:50 GMT) :   {removed per forum guidelines}
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines} (12:58:58 GMT) : Thank you for the link.
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(12:59:35 GMT) : May I have the SKU or model number from our website?
Visitor (13:00:35 GMT) : SKU:6621444
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:00:41 GMT) : Perfect!
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:01:31 GMT) : I’m excited to let you know the item you’re interested in is eligible to be Price Matched at $88.
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:01:34 GMT) : Sounds good?
Visitor (13:01:44 GMT) : Yeah!!!!
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:01:54 GMT) : Awesome! I request you place the order and help me with the order number so that I can refund
the difference amount right away. I will be on standby.
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:01:59 GMT) : Will that work?
Visitor (13:02:21 GMT) : Will you put the difference back on my american express card?
Visitor (13:02:39 GMT) : BBYXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:03:01 GMT) : You were quick!
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:03:13 GMT) : Yes, it will go back to your original mode of payment.
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:03:21 GMT) : May i have your phone number linked with the order for verification purpose, so that we are working on right account?
Visitor (13:03:41 GMT) : Thank you...I am a broke student!
Visitor (13:03:46 GMT) : Phone {removed per forum guidelines}
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:03:57 GMT) : Thank you for the information.
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:05:44 GMT) : Danele, I have checked the order and I see that it was delivered on 7/5/XXX and in order to be eligible it should be within the return and exchange time frame. I am sorry it is not eligible as the time frame has already passed.
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines} (13:06:27 GMT) :   The same piece of information is updated on website, please click here
Visitor (13:06:39 GMT) : What? I thought I had 30 days. I still have it in a box unopened as school will not start until the end of August....
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:07:15 GMT) : I completely understand your point here, according to your membership it is 15 days.
Visitor (13:07:50 GMT) : Super unhappy!!!
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:08:30 GMT) : I can understand your disappointment. However, if the box is still unopened you can visit any nearest Best Buy store and check with store manager.They will try to help you with available options.
Visitor (13:09:14 GMT) : That is not going to happen. The nearest Best Buy was 45 minutes away and the store closed.
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:10:17 GMT) : Danele, I got you. As per the policy we will be able to price match within the return and exchange time frame.
Visitor (13:10:52 GMT) : How you handled this matter, was wrong. You told me I am eligible than take it away by telling me I am not....I understand the policy, I had no idea it was less than 30 days...
Visitor (13:11:42 GMT) : Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}, Perfect! I’m excited to let you know the item you’re interested in is eligible to be Price Matched at $88. Sounds good?
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:12:29 GMT) : Danele, I told you that the product  is eligible for price match.However your order is not eligible as the time frame has passed on the order. You didn't inform that you have already placed the order for it before.
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:13:00 GMT) : I thought you were going to place the new  order .
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:14:57 GMT) : I am sorry I didnt mean to confuse you.
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:15:23 GMT) : After checking the order I saw that the order has passed the time frame.
Visitor (13:15:38 GMT) : Either way, you told me first that I was eligible. As a customer, I thought I was eligible for 30 days and had no reason to doubt the price match. You as an employee, who understands better should not have told me I was eligible until after confirming the details that I wasn't aware of....your manager should make this a one time exception for your mistake and make things right...
Valerie {removed per forum guidelines}(13:17:57 GMT) : Danele, let me connect you to my manager.Please allow me 2 minutes.
Visitor (13:18:28 GMT) : I will gladly wait, thank you.
Info (13:19:02 GMT) : Valerie {removed per forum guidelines} has transferred this interaction.
Info (13:19:02 GMT) : The interaction has been transferred to Paul {removed per forum guidelines}
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:19:10 GMT) : Thank you for choosing Best Buy, my name is Paul {removed per forum guidelines}. I'm one of the Supervisors.
Visitor (13:19:42 GMT) : I’m excited to let you know the item you’re interested in is eligible to be Price Matched at $88. Sounds good?
Paul {removed per forum guidelines} (13:19:45 GMT) : Let me quickly review the chat and help you further. 
Visitor (13:21:44 GMT) : I was told I could receive a price match and then told no....since your agent confirmed the match, you should honor her word for the misunderstanding and miscommunication.
Visitor (13:22:35 GMT) : $40 is a big difference for a broke student who needs a calculator.
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:24:33 GMT) : I did review the chat and I see that you have contacted us regarding the price match for a order which was received on 07/05. According to our price match policy, we only have the access to process the refund if you contact us within the return and exchange time frame. 
Visitor (13:25:32 GMT) : Do you have a policy for customer satisfaction? If your employee tells a customer they get something, they should....
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:26:40 GMT) : I'm afraid, we wont be able to process any price match on this.
Visitor (13:26:46 GMT) : I mean really, we are talking about the same month here. Clearly, I was not aware and your agent misled me to believe I had time.
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:28:15 GMT) : If you have passed the return and exchange time frame, then we wont be able to do anything.
Visitor (13:29:10 GMT) : Poor decision on your part as a supervisor. As a supervisor, I would recommend you train your agents to seek an order number or inquire first BEFORE telling the customer they can get a price match guarantee AND IT WILL be placed back on my card!!!
Visitor (13:31:20 GMT) : I still have the calculator in the shipping box unopened as it is for school next month. For all I know, it is in the box and doesn't work...much like your price match guarantee system with no customer satisfaction guarantee. Would you like to reconsider to make this right? Or, do you really want an unhappy customer?
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:32:23 GMT) : You have provided the compitator link before the order number, as the agent checked the link it was eligible for price match, once you provided the order number, we have to check the received date, as per that you have to passed the return and exchange time frame, so we had to deny the price match.
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:32:42 GMT) : Let me share the price match policy link for a better undertstanding. 
Visitor (13:33:15 GMT) : How about you admit your customer agent was wrong how she handled my inquiry?
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:33:16 GMT) :   Click here to view the price match policy.
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:33:24 GMT) : Sure.
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:33:34 GMT) : Would there be anything else I can help you with today?
Visitor (13:34:13 GMT) : Yes, some how compromise her mistake and my misunderstanding.
Visitor (13:36:09 GMT) : Most places have a 30 day return, why wouldn't I think that about Best Buy? As a supervisor, you should make this a one time exception considering your agent poorly handled the matter as well.
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:39:45 GMT) : We have return and exchnage time frame accordiong to the membership. Since you are a standard member you have 15 days return and exchange time frame.
Visitor (13:40:54 GMT) : As a supervisor, you are able to correct the issue. Enough about the time frame, I get it. What are you going to do about the customer service side when I was told I was getting the difference and it will be put back on my card.
Visitor (13:42:21 GMT) : Had I been told I wasn't eligible FIRST, this would not be an issue.
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:43:47 GMT) : I have explained on why the agent informed the product was eligible for price match, as you have provided the order number later on.
Visitor (13:45:39 GMT) : It is not my fault that it wasn't asked for first. Nobody in their right mind gives numbers before confirming first. As a customer, I logged onto chat with my information, why wouldn't I think she already had it in front of her?
Visitor (13:46:31 GMT) : I am going on an hour since I logged onto chat....does that tell you anything about how I feel?
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:46:55 GMT) : You have not updated any order information on the pre-chat survey form, you have only updated your full name and email ID. You have not entered the order number.
Visitor (13:48:06 GMT) : How the heck am I suppose to know what you have on your side? All I know, I logged in under my account to get into a chat room. I cannot get in a chat room without logging in under my account with my name and my history....., right?
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:48:46 GMT) : I'm sorry, we wont be able to do anything on this. 
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:48:59 GMT) : Please let me know if you have any other issues apart from this.
Visitor (13:49:01 GMT) : What would be the point of logging in and asking for information if your customer service doesn't use what is provided to them.
Visitor (13:50:13 GMT) : Apart from this issue, yes, I do have another issue. You are not providing customer satisfaction at a supervisors level, what are you going to do to make this right? I have two reasons I'm not satisfied.
Visitor (13:51:45 GMT) : Can you at least tell me you are going to improve your technique in customer service OR speak with Valerie so she learns from this experience?
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:52:35 GMT) : Sure, I will take this as a feedback and make sure to pass it on to the agent.
Visitor (13:53:03 GMT) : Maybe training needs to be refreshed to avoid any further unhappy problems. How do you think I feel?
Visitor (13:53:32 GMT) : Sorry doesn't fix it either.
Visitor (13:53:53 GMT) : You know as well as I do, you could do more.....right?
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:54:37 GMT) : I'm sorry, that is the best I can do.
Visitor (13:55:17 GMT) : Terrible, you are not being honest.....
Visitor (13:57:01 GMT) : Consider me a lost customer to FRY's electronics. They have a better team of people who care for their customers and are honest people. You should be ashamed of yourself. Karma shall be visiting you very soon......
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:59:37 GMT) : I'm sorry you feel that way. We will try to improve our services for your satisfaction.
Paul {removed per forum guidelines}(13:59:41 GMT) : You have a good day ahead!'

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Re: Poor customer service

The supervisor was right to deny the price match based on the facts.


Best Buy lists this information throughout the website and so forth.


Here is a copy of it if you did not see it


They also gave you options on if you can go to a store. Unfortunately Supervisors words are often final and going to corporate which these forums are may or may not change the facts.


I wish you the best of luck.



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