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Re: New 2018 IPad Pro Durability

Hello Best Buy, 


On Friday Feb 1, at the Best Buy at Willison, Vermont, I purchased a brand new iPad Pro 12.9" 2018 model, along with an apple pencil and the Apple folio keyboard case (which was not in stock, so I had to purchase it to be shipped to my home). The next day, I was typing on my iPad flat against a clean desk writing a paper. I have owned many versions of Apple's iPad and am knowledgable on how to properly care for the device and what to expect from its performace and reasonable durability. That being said, the next day, as I pick the iPad up from the desk and place the pencil on the right side of it to charge, I notice the pencil wasn't inline with the ipad and wasn't flush against the side. I then noticed a visible and obvious bend right in the middle of the device. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I placed the iPad back on my desk and tried typing, and there was an obvious rock back and forth, making it extremely tedious and frustruating to type or do any work. I then researched the issue to see if anyone else has had this happen to them with this device and low and behold there has been plethora of comaplaints on this issue, best documented by the article from the verge. I brought it back to Best Buy at Willston the following Sunday, 48 hours after my purchase and told them what happened, expecting that since no drop or major incident occured they would deem it a defective device and let me exchange it for a new one. Unfortunately the assistant manager at the loctation denied me the return even though I was well within the 14 day return policy. I then asked what was the point of the retrun policy and the assistant manager told me it for if a customer doesn't like a device or if it is defective. Well in my opinion, as the customer who just spent over 1000 dollars for the "premium" device, I don't like the fact that it becomes warped and bent  under extremely light, normal use. I should therefore be allowed to return it. The assistant manager then said he can't return it since when I first opened the box it wasn't warped, and therefore isn't defective. In my view, that is an unnaccepatable answer. Yes, out of the box it may not appear bent, but you can't tell me there isn't something defective about the composition of the enclosure or the aluminum of the device for it to just bend that way wihtout any acidental event such as a drop or something of that nature in 48 hours. Furthermore, it has been widely reported that some customers are recieving this devices bent straight from the box, and clearly has a tendency to bend under NORMAL use. I called Apple while I was in the Williston location and had to have the Apple employee ask the assistant manager to accept the return, yet he still declined. Best Buy I ask you this, do you think this is "quality service"? Do you think you are ensuring the customer premium service when I buy a thousand dollar device from YOU, gets screwed over on a declined retunr for a device that is CLEARLY defective and warped to the point of uselessness within 48 hours of the inital purchased?? I am a hard working college student and depend on this device for school work. I don't have $1000+ to spend on another device to replace this one. I don't believe I should have to pay the warranty fee to get it replaced from Apple since I didn't do anything out of its intended use to damage it. However, I am involved in the tech community in my unviersity and have ties to tech news organizations and promise you this will not be the end of this situation. I hope that someone in this company sees the injustice that went on here and decides to do the right thing and provide the "great service [you] work hard to provide everyday". 




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Re: New 2018 IPad Pro Durability

Hey ScottleeW,


Thanks for reaching out to us here on our Forums. I would love to take a more in-depth look into things on our end. So that I can, could you private message us with your phone number, full name, and email?


To send us a private message, simply select the blue box labeled Private Message next to my signature. 



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