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Re: Express Kiosk declined purchase but still charged

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Hello, I had the same issue happen on this past Wednesday night. I tried to buy a set of apple lighting to 3.5mm audio adapters, my card took a long time to process, confirmed and then canceled the transaction after confirmation. I want a refund for $19.43. Can we communicate with my email address {removed per forum guidelines}? I can send a photo of my American Express transaction

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Re: Express Kiosk declined purchase but still charged

Welcome to our community, Peterparkerbrod.


There's nothing that tries one's patience more than having a purchase transaction not process properly and then leave a charge behind that has to be coped with. I regret that was your experience when attempting to purchase through one of our kiosks.


For clarification, it sounds like the transaction was cancelled and you did not receive the product you selected. Do I understand correctly?


If so, from your description, it sounds like the transaction was indeed cancelled and if so, the charge you're seeing is likely an authorization to reserve funds on your credit card for the sale. In such a case, your bank should be able to clear the authorization upon your request, so I recommend contacting them at your convenience to have them complete that action.


I hope this helps. Please know I am grateful you wrote to us with your concern.

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