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Re: Customer service support (Philippines) - have an issue



      I just wanted to ask if anyone else waited over two and a half hours to talk to a supervisor to report the terrible service. I was put on hold literaly for over 2.5 hours within two calls. I was also told I could not get her name her supervisors name and NONE of them were avaiable for this whole time. They all just kep putting me on hold. I talk to three different people and never got a call back. They were just trying to wait me out. This is the worst customer service experiance I have ever had. I called to cancel Apple care and they just kept asking my why and the first rude girl I could barely understand just kept asking my why I didn't check my recipt and why I'm calling now. I tried to explain this was my first IPhone and I told the associate no I didn't know he clicked yes but she wanted to argue so I asked to speak to a supervisor she just put me on hold and didn't say anything for 45 minutes. I added a call and kept the call on hold to report her the guy I talked to must have told her because she hung up 10 minutes into the 21 minutes hold the guy put me on to transfer me to what I thought was a supervisor. He transfers me to another woman and we went round about 24 minutes until she said she would cancel it. I asked to still speak to a supervisor she put me on hold for 120 minutes checking in every thirty minutes saying her supervisor was busy. 120 minutes in she finally told me she would have to put me in for a supervisor call back they were still busy. I asked for names call number any identifing thing to know who to report. After 25 minutes she told me that she didn't know what supervisors were on duty and she would check after I pressed her. Finally she was mad I had hung on this long and said there was nothing she could do but put me in for a supervisor call back WHICH NEVER CAME. All the while the automated vioce is telling me about thier amazing custermor service and how they care. They literaly tried to wait me out and just kept putting me on hold. I have put in a BBB complaint and will also report them to every outlet. You don't think it's true ask to speak to a supervisor if they can understand you or vise versa.... OH and I don't even know if my original problem was resolved WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!!