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Re: Customer Support Complaint

I am beyond frustrated with Best Buy's customer service.  I attempted to place an order on Best Buy's website this morning using Progressive Leasing. I signed the lease and paid the $60 initial payment and when it came to finalizing the purchase, I get a pop up saying that the website experienced an error and to try again.  I try again and then it said the website experienced a glitch and to call Best Buy to finish the purchase.  I call Best Buy, they have no idea what I was talking about and told me to contact Progressive.


I call Progressive and they said that they have all their information and its all on Best Buy and to refund my money, they have to wait until Best Buy shows a cancellation and tried to get me to go in store and try to purchase again with the lease (I am not going to do that, I'm done with both Best Buy and Progressive).  So I attempt to contact Best Buy again,  and this time the guy try to say that their database needs updated and maybe it'll show up then...later on, I contact them yet again and this time the person gave me yet another thing, saying that its an authorization and it'll drop off...eventually.  I can't get a straight answer out of anyone.  Meanwhile, I am out $60 and I my order doesn't exist, according to Best Buy.  I am beyond frustrated with this.  I just want my money back and be done with this ridiculousness. 

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Re: Customer Support Complaint

Hi, davejc76,


Thanks for sharing your experience with Progressive Leasing. It is meant to be a simple process to shop with an approved lease so it's disappointing to hear that you've run into difficulties. While it's my understanding that there is not a fee for application or processing on Progressive Leasing, Progressive does take an initial payment when you sign the lease. The initial payment is part of the total cost of the lease.


If you've been approved for Progressive Leasing, paid the initial payment, but have not been able to place an order with Best Buy, Best Buy would not have an order to cancel. While I understand that Progressive has directed you to speak with Best Buy, please know that all payment questions for Progressive Leasing should be directed to Progressive Leasing customer service representatives at (877) 898-1790. You should also be able to access your Progressive Leasing account online to see more details about your lease. I hope this helps!


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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