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Re: Customer Service (lack of)

Wow, I had the same issue with getting disconnected/hung up on by customer service. Seems like it's pretty common. I felt the same way as you about brick and mortar going downhill. I'm old fashioned and I prefer to go into a store to shop, but after experiences like this it really does make me want to stay away and just stick with Amazon. And yes, it is sad. I hope your issue gets resolved.

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I Got Scammed

I bought my new TV at Best Buy for the sole purpose of taking advantage of the 10% rewards. I left work early today to use my rewards to purchase one of my wife's Mother's Day gifts and was told that I needed to use all of the rewards or none at all. No big deal, even though they never disclosed that when I signed up for the program. So I went and found two other items to get me just beyond the amount of my rewards.


It took one salesperson, one greeter, and two managers to try to get my rewards to work, taking several minutes. Finally they said the problem was that one of my items was a clearance item. Okay, so I put that back and grabbed something else (at this point things I didn't even want just so I could use my rewards, get the gift, and get home), and it still didn't work. After more than half an hour, I gave up since the entire reason for leaving work early was so my wife wouldn't know I was stopping to shop for her, and now I was actually running late.


On my way home I called customer service to complain, and after five minutes the guy put me on hold, saying he had to call the store. After TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES ON HOLD, he hung up. At this point, I feel scammed, not to mention that Best Buy wasted an hour of my time. Send me a check for my rewards and we'll call it even, otherwise my next stop is the Better Business Bureau. And by the way, everyone in the store was apologetic. It's not their fault that your POS system couldn't process the rewards that I was promised. No wonder brick and mortar is dying.

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Re: I Got Scammed

Greetings, notveryhappy1,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum though I wish we would have been able to meet under better circumstances. It’s disheartening to hear that you ran into troubles when trying to shop in store and when calling Best Buy later.


Generally speaking, if you have troubles with an in store offer or promotion, the best place to receive assistance should typically be your local store leadership team. This could be why the person you called later wanted to get in touch with the store, though I’m quite sorry that your call may have dropped and that you were on hold for so long.


While I cannot promise a particular outcome, I’d be happy to look in to your situation a little more to see what I may be able to do to further assist. It sounds like you may have been trying to use some sort of promotional offer from your My Best Buy account or from having a My Best Buy credit card, but I’d love to hear more about that.


I’ll be sending you a private message shortly asking for some additional details so I can get started. You should be able to view your private messages by logging into the forum and selecting the envelope icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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