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Re: Beats Warranty

Hey ! I bought some Powerbeats 3 WL and they told me I had to register my earphones to Apple in so in order to get the Apple one year warranty ,,, how do I register my earphones?
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Re: Beats Warranty

You don't really need to do anything for the warranty except keep your receipt/notate when you got them. Apple's system tracks everything by serial numbers and they are notified when a serial number is sold so they know when the warranty starts. If you ever need service on them, all of the Best Buy Geek Squad's are now Apple repair centers and they would just look up the serial number of your unit to judge service eligibility.


In short, no worries you should be fine.

I am not a forum moderator nor voice of corporate. One of the corporate moderators will be with you as soon as they can for the official response from Best Buy. The forums work on a first come, first serve basis and it can take a while for a response.