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Questioned false advertising, never received reply

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After reaching out multiple times and being ignored, it seems this is my last avenue of help.


I bought an Asus Zenbook (sku 6460365) back on 5/6 for my Mother for Mother's Day. She is an accountant and needed to replace her 7 year old Asus that was also purchased at Best Buy, years ago.. After doing research on the Zenbook, it seemed like a perfect fit for her. It is extremely light and portable. Big 14 inch screen, fast and powerful hardware and great color option. She was in love with it. Specifically since it's pictured as having one of Asus' renowned features, the much loved and useful (especially for her), "Numberpad". Which is a built in numberpad that lights up under the touchpad when needed. Since this is a thin and light 14 inch laptop, there isn't a dedicated numberpad on the right of the keyboard like most laptops, 15 inch and above. Instead, it's conveniently put under the touchpad and only lights up for usage when you tap the icon on the top corner of said touchpad. It was ingenious and the main reason I bought this thin and light for my mom, whom would have loved the feature tremendously, while still using a thin and light ultrabook. Since the 15 inch and above models are a bit too heavy and cumbersome for her.


When Mother's Day came around I called my mom and she was extremely delighted with the laptop! I was extremely excited to hear her reaction to not only getting an upgrade to her aging laptop, but one that offers all the benefits that she wanted, especially a numberpad that comes up at the touch of a button! Sadly I had only found out about the missing numberpad feature, when i called her later in the week to ask her how she liked being able to use a numberpad with such a thin and light. Then she told me that it doesn't seem to have the feature. Sadly, the pictures on (ASUS Zenbook 14" Laptop AMD Ryzen 5 8GB Memory NVIDIA GeForce MX450 256GB SSD Light Grey Q408UG-211....) are misleading to not only me, but everyone that buys this laptop. Since ALL the pictures show the icons to light up the numberpad on the touchpad. Giving the illusion that this laptop model does indeed come with the much renowned feature. When it really doesn't.


I would have gone ahead and returned it if it was that easy, but I had mailed the laptop out to my mother cross country and could not expect her to try and repackage it and mail it back to me, or even ask her to take it to a Best Buy near her for a refund, as she does not have a car. So at that point, I decided to reach out to Best Buy suppport online by way of the chat option on 5/13 (case ID# {removed per forum guidelines}). I had informed the agent that the pictures online were a bit misleading and that it was a bit difficult to get a return going, due to my mom having fallen in love with the laptop since it's an immense upgrade to her previous one and her inability to return it herself. I had mentioned that I would have even tried to purchase the next model up on, but was afraid to do so and be in the same position in case the pictures for that model were misleading as well.


Unfortunately, after helping bestbuy realize thier mistake in advertising, i was told that the most i could be offered was 5% back as compensation. The agent had initially offered 15%, and I agreed wholeheartedly. That would have been a fair compensation for not having an extremely useful feature (in my mother's eyes), that was pictured all over the place on the product page, but then the agent claimed she mistyped and the "1" was actually an "i".... so instead she tried offering me only 5% in the end. I asked for her to honor the initial 15%, but the agent stated that all of the chat representatives were capped at up to 5% of purchase price in these sort of situations. I had even asked to escalate the situation, since there are probably alot of people that are purchasing and in cases, returning the product, due to not having one of Asus most renowned features, even though this model is pictured as having it. During the chat, I dug further into the product reviews and even ASUS themselves had replied to a comment, indicating that this model does not indeed include the numberpad feature, which I would have had to dug into all the comments to see initially and I did not. I solely relied on Best Buy's product pictures as most people do, as I did my research elsewhere.


Eitherway, i feel i was forced to accept the 5%, since the agent would not have cared if I had returned the laptop (which of course was near impossible due to me and my mothers situation). She then let me know that I could still reach out to for further review and help. Hoping that they would look into it further, I went ahead and sent out an email that very day (5/13) explaining and detailing the situation in hopes of some form of understanding. What I received was the generic reply of "Thank you for reaching out to customer care, we are looking into it and will reach out accordingly". Unfortunately, no one ever reached out to me. I went ahead and reached out to customercare@bestbuy,com two more times, second time on 5/18 letting them know my end of return date was coming up on 5/23 and would love someone, anyone to reach out to me for further review. Yet I still only received the same generic "thank you for reaching out..." reply. I mentioned that surely they (customercare@bestbuy) cannot be so inundated with dissatisfied customers that they have not found the time to reach out to me twice in a week and a half. Still no reply. I then ended up reaching out on 5/24 (one day after my return period had ended) to show my aggravation and disapproval of how this situation was handled. Four times I had reached out to bestbuy and was never even acknowledged at all. That to me, is very unprofessional and almost borders on intentionally being ignored until i was unable to return the item due to my return period being up.


All in all, my mom loves the laptop, but I am still not satisfied with the way Best Buy has handled this situation. This memorial weekend, the same laptop is on sale again and still has misleading pictures attached on the product description page. Still intentionally misleading their dedicated customers and still getting returns for this model due to misleading photos. I don't feel it's right at all and so, I decided to reach out on this forum to see whom will take up the role to come from a true customer care point of view. I was mislead by product pictures, chat rep and generic email replies. Any further help is greatly appreciated. Thank you and good luck everyone.




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Re: Questioned false advertising, never received reply

Hello, Newskin, 


Welcome to the Community Forums! We are so happy to have you as a part of our community! I see that you have sent a private message, so I will be assisting you there. Please be sure to check your inbox for my reply. Thanks!



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