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Promotional Interest



   I am writing this complaint due to my reason interaction with your Customer Service department and management from the toll free line. I have been a long standing customer and in times of large purchases I always get take your promo which allows for deferrement of interest. I have had to call before to request a extension on the date the promo is ending because does not fall on my payday. When I called I was prepared to take care of the payment but had to be done on my credit card and I discovered at the store, online, and over the phone you are not able to use as a method of payment which really sucks because if my payment was accepted I would not need a extension and I would have paid before getting his with interest. My promo was ending this time on Sep 27 and I called to get extended on my payday Sep 29th. The representative gave me the extension and I would have made this payment but my check was late due to some processing issues with my job which affected me making the payment from my checking account. I called again to Best Buy to inform of this issue and again i was ready to make payment on my credit card but the representative would not take the payment. The manager that I spoke to would not extend me to make the payment the following week and reverse the interest charged. The manager brought up a past extension that was extended to me that I fulfilled and that she could only honor the extension that was already set in place to make payment on the 29th but again they will not accept the method of payment that I have. The payment of the $473 was made in two installments Oct 3 and Oct 4th. When I was told that I would not be given the extension requested I just thought I would be charged only on what was left to pay. I called on Oct 5th spoke to another agent and was told that I was charged $280.19 which is the interest on the entire amount that I had deferred rather than what was left. This is considerably unfair I was prepared to make the payment and due to Bestbuy not allowing to take my credit card for payment I am being charged over half of what my balance was to pay. This is not how you treat a good customer that has been using your services for all of my electronics and large appliances. I have spent over the years with you all and have never had any issues with making payments as I have on this last attempt to satisfy my deferrment. I am not trying to skip from paying interest but I would like it considered that I am charged only on the amount of my balance left to pay. I want to feel that this company appreciates their customers and consider case by case scenarios because all cases should not be handled the same. I appreciate a response back regarding my request. I have one more deferrment with Bestbuy, I would hope we can rectify my request so that I can continue to feel that the money and long standing relationship is valued. 

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Re: Promotional Interest

Good afternoon, MULAM221,


Thank you for visiting our Support Forums, although I’m sorry to hear the reason for your visit is not a positive one. I’m disheartened to hear your recent call with our support teams didn’t go as you would have hoped, and I apologize for any disappointment this experience may have caused.


In regards to the interest on your My Best Buy credit card, and seeking any extension of the due date, regrettably, this isn’t a request we can accommodate over the Best Buy Support Forums. Because Citibank is the financial institution and issuer of your card, you’ll want to work with their support teams further, to see what payment options they may have available to you. I recommend contacting their support team at 1-888-574-1301, or you can visit their online support team here.


Thanks for posting,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Promotional Interest

Hahaha... So many people fall for that promotion including myself. I bought few TV's and others when we moved. We paid 90% of the whole thing until the dead line. I thought they would charge for the interest on the remaining balance but was charged with like $3000....


1. Sales person doesn't tell you about the whole story regarding interest rate and you will be charged with

    full amount of the initial purchase.


2. You have no fight as you signed the contract. They are taking advantage of you. They want you not to make the

    full payment as Citibank and BestBuy will extra money from you. Why would they tell you the trap?


This is another reason BBY will go out of business soon like other electronics stores. No one is fool enough to buy

extended warranties where they make most of money. They have hard time competing with Amazon and other etailers. The solution for them is to scam innocent people to buy more than what they can afford by offering no interest program. Yup it sounds right until you do not pay off...


Well... It was my stupidity not to pay off the balance. Since the incident, I have not gone back to BBY for 2 years and will not go back ever... They are not honest people.