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Progressive leasing what can I buy

Can I use the progressive leasing option to pay off the balance owed on my ATT phone and upgrade to a new one?

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Re: Progressive leasing what can I buy

Hey @maddasahatter69 


Progressive leasing is definitely a convenient way to purchase products in store. While there are many things that Progressive leasing can be used for there are a few things that are excluded. Currently on the FAQ found on Best Buy's website, this is what is listed: 


"Are some products excluded from a Progressive lease?

Yes. There are several items that cannot be leased through Progressive, including delivery or installation, monthly paid Geek Squad Protection Plans, Apple Care, mobile phone carrier service plans, prepaid cards and extended service contracts, drones, self-balancing scooters, and software (may vary by state). Please visit your nearest participating Best Buy store and work with a Blue Shirt to discuss specific lease-eligible items."


Here is the link to that FAQ, if you want to check it out for more details.

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