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Price bait and switch

What a shame that this still happens. You post a price of 499 and change it in less than 24 hours but leave the price on the link. I guess some people will buy it anyway, but not me. This is simple bait and switch and probably of questionable legality.

Pixel XL 2 Refurb Google link clearly reads 499.99

Website clearly reads 599.99


Customer service response "You should use a more trustworthy source than Google"


I guess she wants me to think Google is less reliable than a site using old bait and switch tricks to sell items.Smiley Very Happy


Worst part is no one cares, they just act like it was not the companies fault. Well there are too many other places to shop.

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Re: Price bait and switch

This comes up from time to time, and unfortunately we do not control what prices/ads are cached on the web. The disconnect is the assumption that Best Buy somehow controls these prices seen outside of our site. We don’t. When they fail to update, Best Buy can request a correction, but ultimately it is up to the price grabbing service, ad-serving business, or web indexing service to correct what is seen. Google is a company that does all 3 services mentioned above, but there are a ton of others. Ultimately because of this reason our pricing is only guaranteed when viewed in store or on There is no malicious intent in most cases with those companies, usually they’re just behind on updating their pages with our pricing.
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