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Price Match not being honored

On Friday 9/12/2019 I purchased a Viper DS4+ Remote Start System from the Best Buy on E Spring Drive in Madison, Wisconsin, I paid the regularly listed price of $279.99 It was installed by the store techs 9/25/2019 and they did a great job. After I returned home on 9/25/2019 I happened to pull up the listing for this product and I see it’s on sale this week for $249.99. Tonight, 9/26/2019 I returned to the Best Buy on E Spring Drive in Madison and went to the customer service desk with my receipt and asked for a price guarantee in this item and showed them the listing on They said they couldn’t do it because it’s a actually a bundle that included installation and items needed for installation and the computer doesn’t let them do it. He called over a another employee and that person said with a smirk, well we could tear it out of your car, return it, give you a refund and then you buy it again at the new price...of course you’d have to pay to have it uninstalled. I got took my receipt and left. I’m not a happy customer right now. 

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Re: Price Match not being honored

I can understand your frustration with the price match guarantee and your most recent installation.  All of the remote starts that are purchased would be part of a bundle price.  Two reasons for this are to help our customer gather all their vehicle specific parts all in a single purchase, and also the manufacturing company can offer their warranty with ours because it was professional installed. 

Knowing that your bundled Viper wouldn't qualify for the price match since we cannot complete a return and exchange for an already installed product, I would like to apologize for this not being made more clear, and if any employees treated you with anything less than the expert service you deserve, and we strive for!

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback here on the Best Buy forums!

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