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Price Match mess up

I requested a price match yesterday for a tv I recently purchased. I told the chat representative MULTIPLE times to refund a certain payment method I used (I split payments) because one of the cards was a one use card and is now closed. I told her over and over to refund the main card I used, my physical card attached to my bank account.

Well I just got the receipt for the price match. THEY REFUNDED THE CLOSED CARD. And what’s worse is it was “keyed” in. Meaning Manually put in. So not only did they ignore my request of the refund payment method (I did use the card on the purchase) they actually went out of their way to key in the incorrect method.

I need a manager or someone to refund the correct card for my price match. This is how you treat your Elite customers?

Also, your chat is worthless. I try to do an exchange (tv pickup), they refuse. I try to get a price match. They variants me it’ll go on the card I needed it to but IT DIDNT DO IT. Why is your chat so horrible? If I messed up this much at work I’d be fired.

Please fix this.
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Re: Price Match mess up

I don't believe they can fix it once it's processed. With closed cards you generally need to request a check from the card issuer.