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Price Match - Local Retail Confusion

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I am very confused on your price match policy, the chat service, and why I have tried to get a product price matched and been denied.  I am looking at the following camera lens;


It is listed at 799.00 on Best Buy. 


When I go to the manufactures website;

{removed per forum guidelines} 


The manufacture lists it for 639.


I click on the find a dealer link form the manufactures website and it lists best buy along with Houston Camera exchange.

{removed per forum guidelines}


That website also lists it for 639.


This is a local store within the 25 miles of my Best Buy (7034 Highway 6 N Houston, TX 77095).


When I ask the chat personel they told me tha tHouston camera exchange was deemed to be a third party website and if I could send a link from the manufacture they would price match it.


I sent them the link from the manufacture (above) that both shows the 639 price as well as lists Houston Camera exchange when I click on find a dealer and the find locally tab. 


After that link was sent to them they said they had a to a competitor.  I than asked for a list of competitors and they could not send me one nor tell me why a store selling the same items as Best Buy would not be deemed a competitor, nor could they tell me why if they are listed on the manufactures website they clasify them as a third party seller. I was then told (below is a clip from the chat transcript, I removed the employees name below and replaced with XXX);


"XXXX XXXXX (14:04:09 GMT) : If the product is sold for the same price on the manufacturer's website which is Sigma, then we will be more than happy to help you with the price match."


After a few more questions and confusion I was transfered to a supervisor and his comment was (again clip from transcript with name removed);


"XXXX XXXX (14:23:38 GMT) : We can only match with the national retailers and the manufacturers, we wont match with ant third party seller."


at that point I sent him the manufactures link;


{removed per forum guidelines}


After that was sent the supervisors reply was;


"XXXX XXXXX (14:28:15 GMT) : We are really sorry, however we dont have an access to validate the price match here online."


I was then pointed to the a link on the best buy policy on price matching and told it has to be local competitor per the informaiton online


Transactions from Best Buy Education, Best Buy For Business and from a Best Buy Marketplace store on a third-party website (e.g., Amazon, eBay, Google).


I than asked about this statement from the website;


What is considered a local retail competitor?

A local retail competitor for retail store purchases is a retail store authorized by a vendor to sell a new, factory-sealed product with a warranty and is located in the same market area (within a 25-mile radius) of your local Best Buy store. A local retail competitor for purchases is a retail store authorized by a vendor to sell a new, factory-sealed product with a warranty and is located in the same market area (within a 25-mile radius) as either the billing address or the shipping address on record for the purchase.


and I do not get any response on how the store does not meet this definition.


Then they asked again if I could send them the link fromthe manufacture they could price match it, which I did.  But again they stated that they couldn't since they deemed this a third party seller (this is the manufacture of the lens).


{removed per forum guidelines}


I am just verify confused on how things are being clasified and when I provide what was asked the chat person changes the story.  Any help you can be of to clarify this would be greatly appreciated.





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Re: Price Match - Local Retail Confusion

Hi, RedRaider81,


Thanks for creating a profile and connecting with us here on the Best Buy Forums.


Our Price Match Guarantee (PMG) is an awesome way to get the best deal available, so I can definitely appreciate another savvy shopper.


Our PMG allows for identical items from,,, and, as well as items from local competitors to be matched, as long as all other parameters are met.


I’d be happy to look closer into your specific case, and provide any answers that are available. To get started, please feel free to send me a private message by clicking on the blue button in my signature below. Please include your full name, email, phone number, and shipping/billing address.  



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