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Price Match Issue

I purchased a vacuum a few weeks ago at a Best Buy store. A couple weeks later I noticed that the vacuum was $100 dollars off Best Buy online. I did not call the same day, thinking the sale would go on more than a day or two - I was wrong. I realized I missed my opportunity to get the $100 dollars off. 

Today, October 23rd 2020, I noticed the manufacture was running a sale on their site. The manufacturer was Evovacs. The item was advertised direct from manufacture for $100 cheaper than I paid from Best Buy. I took this opportunity to contact Best Buy for a price match, only to run into a multitude of problems. 

1. I tried the online support multiple times only to run into issues with their system. The virtual agent kept telling me it had problems connecting. Finally connected and had a short chat with an agent. They told me they couldn't match the manufacture price because they weren't a competitor. A competitor is defined as Amazon, Target and a few others. I asked to a supervisor, in which then brought one on, but the technical issues persisted and while they could type to me - I couldn't respond back to them. 

2. I called the online phone support and spoke to an individual named Olga. She once again told me that I cannot receive a price match because the manufacture isn't considered a competitor to Best Buy. I inquired about how Best Buy would consider this an okay practice. I am a Elite program member and so I have a longer return period of 45 days. Basically, I would have to return the vacuum to Best Buy, they would have to mark it down a fair amount because it would be open box at this point, and you would lose money regardless at that point. All while creating an unhappy, Not loyal customer. So you could just do the right thing up front and honor the manufacture price - because you'd be losing money either way. Either via selling open box or by just doing the right thing and price matching. She told me that she was sorry, but there is nothing she could do. And to make it easier on me, she could send me a return label so I didn't have to bring the item back to the store. At this point I asked for a supervisor, but because of Covid, none were readily available, so they'd have to call me back


3. A couple hours later I missed a call because I was on a work call from a supervisor that I think was named Marlon. He was on a speaker or something because I could barely make out half of what was said. He basically reiterated what Olga said word for word and offered no solution and no way to contact him back. 

The situation is extremely frustrating to me, based on principal. I went to Target tonight, whom sells the same vacuum and asked them if they would match the manufacture price, and they had me pull it up and told me they absolutely would and offered to ring me out at the reduced price. No supervisor involved, no arguing, nothing. 

Best Buy seems to care only about pulling business from a direct competitor, but not about creating loyal customers. I am dumbfounded that they would make such a huge deal over $100 dollars, because their competitor didn't have the same, but instead, their direct supplier of the vacuum. 

Once again, they lose money either way in this situation, but instead of creating a happy, loyal, customer, they create a dissatisfied one whom will not be renewing their $200/year Elite membership and going elsewhere for future needs. 

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Re: Price Match Issue


Elite status is based on how much you spend per year. There is no renewal fee

Also an elite status person should probably already know that they price match themselves during your return period and only price match other companies approved or otherwise during the initial time of purchase.
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Re: Price Match Issue

Well, that would be my bad. I thought I got the Elite Status by the membership I purchased for $200, but, I looked and that was my total tech support I bought. I barely shop at Best Buy, so unsure how I got the Elite status.

Maybe it was the 5 thousand dollar speakers I bought about a year ago. Which, reminds me, Best Buy did what was right then. I came in to buy them and tariffs had risen in the last day, making the speakers $500 more expensive, but they happily matched the price prior. Weird how they keep arguing about $100 dollars when it didn’t even take a blink of an eye to get them to come down $500 on something else...
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Re: Price Match Issue

Welcome to our community, tjash2011.



Best Buy's Price Match Guarantee is a terrific offering for our customers and I was happy to hear you hoped to avail yourself of it. What I was not so delighted to read is of the obstacles you encountered in trying to take advantage of the program. I know that I would be frustrated under such circumstances myself and I regret your having had such an experience.


I understand that you missed the initial opportunity for a price match with Best Buy, but in your communications via chat and phone, you were informed correctly of our rules in that Ecovacs' website is not considered a competitor for the purposes of price matches.. As stated in our Price Match Guarantee:


At the time of sale, we price match all local retail competitors (including their online prices) and we price match products shipped from and sold by these major online retailers:,,, and

With that having been said, I'd like to look into this in more depth for you, but will need some information to begin. Please send me a private message that includes the following:


  • Your full name
  • Your telephone number
  • Your email address
  • Your order number for the purchase of the vacuum, or
  • The Customer Service PIN from your store purchase receipt


To send me a private message, please click the button labeled "Private Message" in my signature below. 


I look forward to hearing from you.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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