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Price Match Guarantee

Years ago when I was first introduced to Best Buy, I found it to be an exciting and delightful experience.  At that time because of my remote location, I had to travel more than two hours, one way, to visit a Best Buy location which I did with enthusiasm.  Since then I have always considered Best Buy as a worthy and preferred option for my consumer electronic needs.  

Now I wish to share my disappointing experience at the Alamo Ranch Store in San Antonio TX in April of 2019.  With my decision to purchase an Apple Watch 4, I visited this location to request a Price Match Guarantee against a current Costco advertisement.  The first Best Buy representative i met with implied that they should be able to honor it, but had to speak to his supervisor first.  When he returned he stated that Best Buy would not honor the Price Match because Costco requires a paid membership (which I have) making it inaccessible to non-members.  He also stated that the Best Buy Price Match Guarantee policy also includes store discretion to decline a price match as they see fit which was used to further support this decision.  I have since reviewed the Price Match Guarantee on the Best Buy website and found that there is a specific statement in the FAQ's regarding Warehouse club stores and that Best Buy will include them in their Price Match Guarantee if their locations are within a 25 mile radius, which applies in this case.  Also I could not find any statement in the Price Match Guarantee policy granting the store broad discretion to negate the Price Match Guarantee.

To make matters worse, the representative then tried to bait and switch the value of the price match with a current incentive offered by our wireless carrier AT&T.  He stated instead of the Price Match, that Best Buy could offer me a waived activation fee and a credit for the first month of service for this device which would represent a comparable value in lieu of the denied Price Match Guarantee.  However, when specifically asked if this AT&T incentive was exclusive to Best Buy, or was it extended to AT&T customers in general, the Best Buy representative became elusive and responded "I can't speak for other stores, I can only tell you what Best Buy can do" with that and the questionable denial of the price match, I felt that I could no longer trust this representative and elected to take my business elsewhere.  I know that as a consumer my potential business will always be my most effective tool; and to quote my father, "I'm not going to beg anyone, to take my money"!

Not only is the Price Match Guarantee an incentive for customers to bring their business to Best Buy, but it is also serves as a tool to enhance the customer experience and an offer an opportunity for Best Buy to build and strengthen customer loyalties.  This experience has had the opposite effect, by allowing me to leave that store as a disappointed and disillusioned customer, Best Buy has also sent a strong message in that my satisfaction and continued loyalties is not very important to them.  Consequently, although Best Buy may remain an option for my consumer needs, they will likely become, at best, a secondary choice for my future business.


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Re: Price Match Guarantee



Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your recent Best Buy experience. I love our Price Match Guarantee and I take advantage of it whenever I am able. I'm sorry to hear that you may have not been able to do so! 


Based off of the circumstances you described, it sounds like this may have been eligible for a price match. While we do price match wholesale clubs, our Price Match does not cover pricing only available to select groups of customers including loyalty offers. This is quite common at stores like Costco where they will have discounts relating to non-warehouse membership programs.


That said, we would love to clarify this with our store leadership team so that they can address any coaching/training opportunities that may be present. Would you be able to send us a Private Message with your full name, email address, and phone number associated with your My Best Buy Account so that we can properly document this? 

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