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Price Match Guarantee is Not a Guarantee and Customer Service on the Phone was Insulting

I purchased a Razer phone and received it July 2. On July 16, I found that the price dropped $100. 14 days later, which is what the BB website says is the timeframe for returns and price drop matching. I was told that this was not really 14 days later, and then compared to the customer service rep's daughter, who is in college, so she is always learning new things...


I asked to speak to a supervisor at least 4 times, but instead was put on hold so that HE could ask questions, and come back to tell me answers. That is NOT what I asked for. I am an educated individual and he treated me like a fool. I can tell you that the majority of consumers would take the date that they received their item, add 14 days, and then go off of the date that was found mathematically as the return date.


After he continued to not let me speak with a supervisor, I hung up the phone. There are plenty of other stores that will accept my business, including Amazon, who does not insult me when I call their customer service. Nor have I EVER had an issue returning something within the given time frame. 


I have a toddler at home, so I cannot sit on the phone for hours waiting on hold. The "Chat with an Expert" website feature is conveniently unavailable every time I visit the BB site.


After being a BB customer for a decade, you would think that I would see customer service getting better, but instead it has only gotten worse. 

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Re: Price Match Guarantee is Not a Guarantee and Customer Service on the Phone was Insulting

Good morning Ajagears-


Thank you for making Best Buy your shopping destination for your most recent purchase!  I’m disappointed to hear you were not provided the assistance you were looking for when you asked about our Price Match Guarantee (PMG).  If I were placed in your shoes, I too would be looking for some answers, and I’m grateful you registered with the Best Buy forums to bring this to my attention!


That said, I was unable to locate any cases or phone calls that took place over the phone to report this PMG, but I completely understand the situation you’re in, having a toddler myself, and I’m hoping we can work together to gather the information I would need. 


Please click the blue button in my signature line below to send your private message to me that contains your full name, phone number, email address, order number, and information on where you found the price drop by $100.  Once I’ve gathered up all of this, I’d be more than willing to take a closer look into this. 


Hoping to hear back from you soon!



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