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Price Match Gaurantee is a joke

I purchased a television in February.  2 days later the price dropped and I was refunded $214 by agent #1.  Then a few days later the price dropped $150 more. 


Customer service agent #2 tells me no problem and that I'll get an additional refund. 


A week goes by and not refund. Another conversation with another agent #3 says it was declined because I returned the tv, yet no such thing appears in my online purchases, but lists my every interaction with Best Buy including the "return" and refund of the $214 which I'm assuming the first agent did as some sort of return prompting agent #3 to accuse me of having returned the tv, and the backend team denied my refund.  A few minutes later I'm told they will give me the refund, but it will take till the end of the billing cycle. 


A week later I check with agent #4 the rudest to that point and says the more I ask about it, the longer it will take to get the refund.  I'm told this after being made to wait large amounts of time before she finally cuts me off, prompting me to be immediately connected to agent #5 who says I will have to wait until the end other business or billing cycle. 


Today I talk to agent #6 who again says I've returned the tv and there will be no refund.  Has one of the agents refunded the entire amount and pocketed the money, because I sure have never gotten my money back if it was returned and a full refund does not show up in purchases. 


At this point I am recommending that everyone stay clear of Best Buy because they don't hold to their word.

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Re: Price Match Gaurantee is a joke

Hi, Rayzakk,


Welcome to Best Buy’s online community. Finding out that your recent purchase has dropped down in price can be exciting as you set off to receive the savings back. I am sorry to learn that you have been having some conflicts making sure your purchase qualified for Best Buy Price Match Policy.


Our team will be happy to review your purchase and see how we can help. When you get a moment, please log in to the forum and select the ‘Private Message’ option from my signature bar. In this message include your name, email address, and phone number. 


Thank you,

Karina|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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