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Price Match/Correct pricing issue

I've spent over 2 hours today between phone calls, your chat service and speaking to a manager in store and I'm not satisfied with the answers that I'm getting. 


Sony had promotional pricing on some of their cameras through this weekend. The Sony A7Riv was on sale for $500 off at all of Sony's vendors. I purchased one after 10 o'clock last night Pacific Time. Which should still be eligible for the $500 off, but Best Buy won't make good on it. The pricing changed on the website at midnight Central Time. I also checked the pricing on Amazon and it was still listed on sale (I've got screenshots of both Best Buy's and Amazon's pricing on my phone). 


The way I see it it should either:


A. Best BuytBuy should correct the price to the sale price as I don't live in the Central Time zone and the sale price should've still been valid.




B. Price matched to Amazon's price at the time of purchase.


It was in stock for both businesses at the time, but I'm being told now that the sale is over that Best Buy will not match the price not can they honor the price that should've still been valid on the west coast.


Is there anyone here that can help remedy this situation? To say I'm a little disappointed is a huge understatement. 


Thanks for your time looking into this, Jim

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Re: Price Match/Correct pricing issue

All of Best Buy's pricing is provided in CDT as our corporate headquarters is in Minnesota. That would explain the price change as after 10 pm Pacific would be after midnight in Minneapolis.  Like Best Buy, most websites change the price simultaneously based on their "home" time zone.  This is because geolocation is easy enough to spoof allowing anyone to cheat their way to a lower price.  Amazon is based out of Seatlle, which would explain why they still showed the price online. 


Generally speaking, it is not possible to reinstitute expired pricing nor is it possible to retroactively price match an expired price.  It may take the moderators a few days, currently listed as 3-4 days in the front page announcement, to reach your post for an official answer.  

I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
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