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Prepaid Return Label for Cell Phone

I recently upgraded a cell phone on my AT&T Next phone plan from  I got everything activated smoothly and transferred without issues.  I understand that I need to return the old device.  


At the time of purchase, I was informed that there were instructions and a prepaid label to be emailed to me.  I never received it.  I checked my spam folder, and there was nothing there.  Other emails from bestbuy come through. 


I went to my purchase history page and it tells me "Your carrier requires that you return your old device to avoid charges. Please check your e-mail for a pre-paid postage label and shipping instructions."  It gives me an option to click "resend email:.  When i click that, I get an error message "We’re sorry; we were unable to resend the e-mail."


Is there someone who would be able to help me get the information I need to send the old device back to AT&T?



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Re: Prepaid Return Label for Cell Phone



Welcome to our community. Congratulations on your new phone! I'm sorry to hear that you've encountered some complications with sending out your original phone. 


i consulted one of my peers, a mobile expert about your concerns and have been informed that you may print a shipping label via AT&T Next Returns.


I hope this helps. Thank you for writing to us.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Prepaid Return Label for Cell Phone

Thank you so much for the reply.  I was able to get what I needed.  

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Re: Prepaid Return Label for Cell Phone

I had the exact same problem with my iPhone 11 Pro Max which I pre-ordered online. Best Buy's system correctly showed that I qualified for my annual upgrade using Verizon's annual upgrade plan. My ordere was processed correctly, and I received it on launch day. So that part all went great.


But I received no email with a prepaid label to use for mailing back my old phone. And when I went to my online order page, the "resend email" button did not work. I kept getting the same message that it was unable to resend the email, and to try again.


After trying this repeatedly, checking my spam box to make sure it wasn't there, I gave up and phoned Best Buy support. I was on the phone for over an hour, I kept getting transferred from one department to another, and nobody could do a thing about it. I went to my Best Buy store, hoping they could give me label, but because I ordered online, they could not. 


I tried my Verizon store, but because I bought it through Best Buy, they could do nothing to help. 


So there I was, stuck with a phone that had to be returned and with no way to do it. I finally was able to get Verizon's online chat to help me out. They are supposed to be sending me a return kit with a box and a label, but who knows how long that will take?


I've learned my lesson. I am a big fan of Best Buy overall, but I won't ever buy a phone from them online again. This entire experience was a huge pain in the neck.