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Poor experience by geek squad

I recently took my laptop that had stopped working for an appointment with the Geek squad.  My in store experience was good, the representative explained the process for which they could send my laptop to be diagnosed and then I would get back details as to what happened and the options to fix it.  


I was disappointed when I received feedback via email that just outlined that I would need my motherboard and battery repalced and please either approve or decline the service.  I reached out via phone to get more information a few times, but was unable to get any real information for why this appeared to happen and even if I replace these parts for a considerable amount, would this just happen again if we do not know the root cause for the concern.  The phone agents outlined that they reached out to multiple people who did the review and they were not helpful in their follow up.


After multiple discussions all I got back was computers break, do you want to replace the parts or not.  While I appreciate the phone agents following up, I personally feel like I didn't get my moneys worth based on the way the orignial agent explained what would be done by the offsite team.  I feel no more aware of what the problem is,  if it can actually be fixed long term, or if this does happen again is there any kind of warranty I would get for the new parts given its essentailly the price of buying another laptop.  Overall very disappointed at the check the box service it feels like I got.  I will definitely never be taking anything back to best buy again.

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Re: Poor experience by geek squad

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Hello, Gaminglaptop,


Thank you for joining the Best Buy Forums.


I can understand your concern with wanting to know why the computer failed. Although the service center may not know exactly what would have occured, they would diagnose what is needed to repair the computer. Most laptops have unremovable parts like the GPU, and CPU. There is a change that they failed and being soldered onto the system they would require it to be replaced. There may not be more information that would be available other then what needs to be fixed and how we can fix it and the costs. 


Please Private message your full name, email and phone number is you have any other questions or concerns we may be able to assist you with today. You can also complain about the services if you would like to provide information on who had advised you and which location they were at for a detailed complaint.


Please be aware that any further questions or concerns would be replied to on Sunday as I will be off the next 2 days.



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