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Poor exchange experience

I went to a BestBuy store today and ask the customer service if I can exchange or return my Fitbit Versa which causes skin irritation. I asked the BestBuy employee if exchanging to a new one would help avoid skin irritation. He said it may and he processed the exchange for me. However, after it was processed, he notified me that there was a return warning and I need to call a 888 number to explain why I return this Fitbit Versa. I asked him why there is a warning and why do I need to explain the reason again as I have explained to him. He just told me I need to call that number. After calling the customer service, I will not be able to return anything within 90 days even if I am an elite plus member. As a result, if the new Versa still causes skin irritation, I won't be able to return. Also, they can't help me to cancel the exchange order. I'm very unhappy about this situation since I wasn't told anything about what would happen after return or exchange. If I have had been told I can't return, I wouldn't have requested an exchange. I have to seriously consider not to buy anything from BestBuy any more. This is truly disappointing!