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Please help me, I'm not made of money, return never went through for $800

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Hi there,


I'm writing in the hopes that this will make its way to corporate.  I've purchased way too many electronics, etc. from you guys over the past few years (2 Samsung TVs, Bose Soundbar + Speaker, 2 Macbook Airs, 3 Apple Watches, Dyson Vacuum, Xbox One, etc.).  I say all those items because I'm a REALLY good customer and I buy from you guys because I like the fact you have a physical location I can return items to.  


OK, so now for why I'm actually writing you.  It's in relation to order # {removed per forum guidelines} ($2,587).  I returned several items from that order on 11/29/18 at your Jersey City, NJ location - one of the items in that order was a Samsung 55 inch NU8000 series (also bought a 49' Samsung in that order which I kept).  It took them over an hour to process the return between calling the bridge, talking to the manager, etc.  I asked her why the return never went through in real-time to the app like the others and she told me it was because she has to process it manually and that it would in a couple days.  I was in the middle of a move so I just thought the $800 return would go through and I never followed up on it.


Fast forward to a year later, the remote on the other Samsung TV in that order broke so I went into the app to check the model # and realized the return never went through a year earlier on the 55 inch TV.  So I looked everywhere for the receipt in my apartment and couldn't find it anywhere.  I called and talked to your customer service team who told me to visit that store.  Your livechat also told me the same thing.  Now I live 45 minutes from the store, but I drove over there becasue I'm not rich, $800 is a lot of money and I'm pretty frustrated about this.  So I wait again for 45 minutes and the girl tells me there is a record of the return, of course she fails to mention it doesn't say anything about the TV so I get all excited and then the manager Armando comes out.  He tells me there is nothing they can do about it and they hardly had anymore info in store.


Bottom line, I've purchased a lot from you over the years, check {removed per forum guidelines} profile.  I returned this TV and it's ridiculous that they claim the serial # isn't in the system.  I'm writing you in the hopes that you can escalate this to someone smart who will understand the situation.  I'd also want this to go to the Loss Prevention team and to check the employees working that night and if any theft was ever reported. This all seems very shady, if you pull the security footage on 11/29/18, I GUARANTEE I was the last customer in the store, I entered with a TV and left with a Bose Soundbar and Xbox One (I have shopping issues).  


My last resort if nothing is done is to file a police report.  Normally the statute of limitations for something under $200 is a year, but since this is $800 it's an indictable offense so I have 5 years.  Then I am going to write the Better Business Bureau.  Listen, I'd even take the TV back from you guys, but no way am I letting Best Buy, a major corporation rip me off of a $800 TV without a fight.  My parents even had to drive me there because the TV didn't fit in my car.  If somebody can just check the footage, I'm not lying.  I really like Best Buy, please don't make me shop at Crutchfield, I just want the money I deserve back, it's not a lot to ask, this has been literally the worst customer service experience of my life and you can make it all right by fixing this.  PLEASE HELP (or at least pass this along to someone who might be able to understand someone who spends this much doesn't steal a TV from you - I get you guys want to see proof - it's the security footage or maybe a record of the call at the bridge, I'm so confused how the serial # isn't showing up)!


Anyway, thanks for reading this.  Frustrated customer, Adam {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Please help me, I'm not made of money, return never went through for $800

Hi there, adamellicott,


Welcome to our Best Buy community forum! 


While I wish that you had discovered us under happier circumstances, I'm glad that you took the time to share this experience with us. That said, I'm happy to announce that you came to the right place with these concerns, as our team is located at our Corporate Office, and more than happy to try and help.


I know that moving requires trying to juggle a lot of different things, so I can understand how watching for that return to hit your account wouldn't be a top priority at the time. Since this return happened back in 2018, that does make it a bit harder for us to look into, but I'm happy to see what we can dig up to try and get this sorted out.


Our goal is always to get the funds back to the customer if they return an item, but sometimes there are times where there is a glitch, so I'm hurt to hear that this was not caught sooner. I'm also sad that you didn't feel supported by the store when you reached out with these concerns. That's far from how we want you to feel, but I hope to turn that feeling around.


You may have noticed that the personal details you shared in your post have since been removed. That's because we care greatly about keeping your personal information protected, so we don't allow that kind of info to be posted publicly.


That said, if you could use the "Private Message" feature in my signature below to verify your full name, phone number, and email address, I'd be happy to start looking into this.




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