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Please help. This is crazy.


My name is Kyle. I have bought millions of things over the years from Best Buy in Federal Way and always loved the people there but please listen to my story. All receipts and pictures will be attached. 
I bought a TV 32in TV for $100 on 7/5, it was too large for my new kitchen tv so I brought it in and exchanged it for a 24in Westinghouse with a 2 year protection agreement. The tv did not fit on my kitchen wall mount. I immediately put it back in the box and took it back for a return. The gentleman helping me asked why it was being returned, I said because it didn't fit on my mount. He said okay and began trying to find a power button and said "does it even have a power button?" My wife laughed and said I don't know he didn't even turn it on." He used the remote, turned it on and there was a crack in the top of the screen. My mother works at Walmart and tells me stories of people trying to be shady so I immediately started apologizing to the gentleman explaining I was not trying to cheat anyone I sware I did not turn it on. He said its okay but I can't take a return. I was feeling bad about it and it was only $80 dollars so I said okay fine I'll take the hit just return the protection agreement so the gentleman returned just the protection.
Feeling really crappy about it because I was forced to take an $80 dollar hit I wanted to get the TV out of my life as quickly as possible. When I got home I immediately put my TV, still in box, in my blue recycle bin.
The next day I thought about it and was thinking of how it could of gotten cracked and couldn't think of any time there was any possible time it even was laid down so it had to have been bought cracked. I understand the situation and it just really sucked so I figured why not just call the Best Buy and see if they can do something, if not I get it, I should of fought harder, but I didn't want to be seen as being shady and all around it just sucked. So I called at 7/10/2018 at 2:53pm Washington time and asked for a manager. A lady put me on hold and a man named Gerald picked up the phone.
I told Gerald the situation and that I know that I might need to take the hit but was there anything at all he could do. He put me on hold for a moment, came back and said yeah just bring it in and we can take the return. I told him "I threw it in a dumpster," well without the item we can't do anything, I asked him explicitly that I need to check the dumpster and bring it in to get a return? He replied yes we have to have the unit and we can take it, I might be leaving soon but if you get it and I'm not here just talk to the Assistant Store Manager and we''ll take care of you" I reluctantly said okay, well I'll see. There was only one hold I was put on after I asked if there was anything they can do, this is important for later. Please pull the call and check it for yourselves. 
I decided that based on principle, not even caring about the money, I should pull it out and bring it back because that's the right thing a guy should do if he messes up. I told my wife this  and she laughed it off thinking it was silly to do over $80 but I stuck to my principles. I pulled it out, still in good condition and brought it to the store. 
I came in at 8:30pm to the Federal Way store laughing about it after talking to the guy upfront and waiting for Gerald. They told me Geralds not here so I explained I was told by him to speak to the Assistant Store Manager so they called the ASM named Ray over to us. As Ray was walking up he first said before anything else, "Did it really go in a dumpster," taking this as a joke I said yeah laughing about it. He replied "Well I can't take it," At that exact moment my heart sank and I was extremely hurt. I began quickly explaining that can't be true because Gerald EXPLICITLY told me that if I can get it I can bring it in and either one of them could take care of me. Ray explained to me that I was lying, Ray said, "I was the one that told Gerald we could take the return, and I was the one that he was checking with when you said it was in the dumpster and I told him no." I immediately explained Gerald never checked with anyone, it was a two second conversation once I mentioned I threw it out and I EXPLICITLY asked him if I need to pull it out to which he told me yes and either one of you can take care of the return." Ray told me that Gerald had already told me on the phone about this which is a 100% lie, literally a 100% lie to my face or perhaps from Gerald to Ray's face, I asked specifically about if I pull it out of the "dumpster" and bring it in and Gerald thoroughly explained that yes, they will take care of me. 
Ray said I can't take it back because of Washington state law, but I can give you a sweet deal on a new TV. I had already ordered a new TV from Amazon yesterday but Ray explained he could give me a better deal and save the 80 dollars I was screwed out of. To be honest, this situation was so upsetting, unfair, and I was being called a liar I told Ray "give me a second cause I don't want to start crying," Being vehemently upset and hurt by my favorite store, I decided sure, just give me a deal and I can get out of here. So I ended up buying a new tv for $100 bucks, still out my $80, having driven from Auburn to Federal Way for nothing but to be publicly humiliated, called a liar, lied to, and spend more money with your store that I used to love so dearly. 
It seriously is the most unfair and skeevy thing I've ever had a store do to me, all because I trusted a manager's word and didn't want to escalate the original return. I am not going to take legal action but I would like something more to be done then a simple discount on a tv. 
Please make this right, I was publicly called a liar, I was lied to by the managers of this Best Buy, and I was cheated out of money OVER 80 DOLLARS. The only word I keep repeating to myself is its unbelievable, the situation seems like it couldn't have happened but it did. Even over the word I used as a joke, if I said recycle we could have just laughed over this.
If you are unable to do anything for me please escalate this to Corporate. Thank you for your time.
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Re: Please help. This is crazy.

Hi Kyle,


I’m also a Kyle, so we’re starting off pretty well there. Thanks for reaching out to us at the Best Buy Community forums.


I know how disappointing it is to have a new item break like that, and I apologize for all of the running around you did because of that. Under our Return & Exchange Promise, we do not accept returns on damaged items, so the store was following policy when they refused your return. That said, there seems to have been some miscommunication about the offer for an exception.


I’d like to take a deeper look into this. If you could please reach out to me through a private message with some additional details, that would be great. You can send that message through the link in my signature below this post.


Please include your name, email address, phone number, and the customer service PINs from the bottom of any of the receipts you still have.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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