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Please help!!!!! Months of waiting for my Paypal refund

Last year, I made 2 separate online purchase at Best Buy on Nov 16 (speaker worth $163.23) , 24 (av receiver worth


$273.74) and 25 ( extended warranty for $39.99). The online purchase I made on nov 16, was returned on best buy


store last Nov 27 2017 and had a successful refund back to my Paypal after an hour. The other 2 online purchase


was returned last Dec 6, 2017 but did not get the refund right away. I returned to the store and inquire how come I did


not get the refund right away. I was told by Best Buy associate to wait for 5-7 working days because itr takes time for


paypal to have it processed. I waited and give them 2 weeks instead. I checked my paypal account and still no refund.


I called paypal and they said that there is no record that shows of my $273.74 and $39.99 being refunded. I called


Best Buy and they said that the refund is already processed. I was advised Best Buy representative to wait for 3 more


billing cyles as this a very common Paypal refund problem. Few months passed by with lots of call and email back


and forth made to paypal and best buy and still no refund. Last week. I called Best Buy again and this time they


provided me a transaction key for Paypal to use in order to verify the refund they made. I emailed the said transaction


key to paypal and they said that the transaction key is for Best Buy system only and not a valid paypal transaction ID.


I searched online and ended up finding this forum with customers having same issues with me regarding their paypal


refund. After reading their complain and solutions made to their problem. Is it possible to REISSUE a REFUND


because the first one was not be properly or correctly. I still have the original return receipt if you need it. Please help


me ASAP. My first payment with Paypal will be next month. Thanks

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Re: Please help!!!!! Months of waiting for my Paypal refund

Hi avpm1223,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for reaching out! As a PayPal user myself, I find it’s often times a pretty convenient way to pay. I’m very sorry to hear you haven’t received your refund yet. That’s a long time to wait! I’d be happy to take a look into this for you.

In order to see what might be going on, I will need to request a little bit of additional information. Would you be able to send me a private message that contains the following?

•    Name
•    Email
•    Phone number
•    Order numbers

Provided this, I’ll do my best to find out what’s happening with that refund. 


Luke|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Please help!!!!! Months of waiting for my Paypal refund


Hi  Luke,


the refund was processed yesterday. 






  • Best Buy Co., Inc. Refund    MAR 14 2018  Refund    + $39.99 USD
  • Best Buy Co., Inc. Refund    MAR 14 2018  Refund    + $273.74 USD




Thanks, avpm1223