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Payment allocation

I recently noticed my payments were not posting to my promotional balances due to having a revolving balance.   I always pay more than the minimum payment and expect to have the overage applied to promo balances.   I carefully budget my payments to ensure promo's are paid in the time frame required.   Today I called Customer Service and was advised that in order to direct payment amounts I have to call each month and tell the rep how to apply my payment.  Really??  This is completely ridiculous and a waste of my time and BB rep time.  Please contact Home Depot and ask them about their online payment system.  It's easy to direct promo payments on their site. It's a sad day when a home improvement store is more up to date than a tech store.  I've spent thousands of dollars at BB over the years but there are many other stores to purchase electronics from and I will not be purchasing or using my credit card from BB unless/until the online payment portal is customer friendly.   HUGE FAIL!!!

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Re: Payment allocation

This was part of the Credit CARD Act of 2009. It stipulates how payments are to automatically be applied. Like you, I pay a great deal of attention to my statements and plan in advance to pay my promotional charges off in time. Contacting Citibank, who provides our Best Buy Credit Card, is the best method to voice your concern over the card payment system’s lack of functionality. I am sure one of the social media team members will be by shortly and can also collect your feedback to pass on from a corporate level. I am right there with you, back when I had multiple promotional transactions I called to get the payments applied as I wanted.
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Re: Payment allocation

Hello kblake-


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As someone who’s very careful about making sure my credit cards are getting paid correctly, I can understand the aggravation in finding out that you need to call each time you want to have your payments applied directly on your card.


As jdogg836 was kind enough to point out, how payments are distributed are set by that Credit Card Act and controlled by the bank that finances the card.  In this instance, while the Best Buy logo is on the card, the financing is handled by Citibank and they set how direct payments are done.  If you haven’t already done so, I would encourage you to provide this feedback to Citibank through the number you called, hopefully they would be able to offer this feature through their online payment portal in the future.


Please know that we are grateful for the feedback you’ve provided and we do hope you’ll continue to utilize your Best Buy credit card despite any inconvenience that this may cause you.



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