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PayPal refund failure: (resolved by PayPal, NOT Best Buy)

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I'm giving you a copy of this review I posted to the Better Business Bureau. 

I have successfully obtained my refund of $570 via a PayPal dispute resolved in my favor. 

But I thought you should have a copy of it as well, despite the extra effort required on my part to register here. 

Order: {removed per forum guidelines}

Refund case: {removed per forum guidelines}


I returned a laptop (ordered via to my local Best Buy, #329, and was told to expect a refund to PayPal in 3 - 4 days. This was on 11AUG20. 


Called Best Buy support on 19AUG20 as I had not received the refund. Was told I would now receive it in 24 - 48 hours. 


Called Best Buy support on 21AUG20 - spoke to Juliven. Was told previous support rep had not completed the refund request properly. I would now get the refund within 24 hours. 


Called Best Buy support on 24AUG20 - spoke Jason. Was told that the refund was processed way back on 11AUG20 (it was not) and that I should contact PayPal. 


Contacted PayPal - no record of a transaction attempt from Best Buy on or subsequent to 11AUG20. 


Called Best Buy support again on 24AUG20 - spoke to Hugo. Was on phone for over 1 hour. Hugo said he and his supervisor could not figure it out. Suggested I go back to the store and talk to the manager. 


I drove 30 minutes, one way, to the Best Buy #329 and spoke to Joe (Assistant Manager) he promised to look into it. This was 24AUG20. 


I went home and opened a dispute with PayPal on 24AUG20. 


Called Best Buy store #329 on 25AUG20. Spoke to Dean (Assistant Manager), he was aware of the situation and promised that Alexa from the back office was looking into it and would be in touch. 


26AUG20 - PayPal dispute resolved in my favor. I got my refund. 


I spent around 4 hours of my time getting this refund, and in the end Best Buy was not the party that resolved it. It was PayPal, who agreed with me that Best Buy had screwed up the refund. 


Everyone I spoke to was friendly and tried to be helpful, but were of no real assistance. 

Certainly this was not an attempt at fraud: fraud requires malice and competence. 

Best Buy employees displayed neither malice nor competence at any time. 


They did, however, display a casual disregard for the trouble they had caused me. The seemed to lack the tools or the training to deal with the situation. 


This experience has given Best Buy's reputation an indelible black eye in my estimation. I've shopped your stores since 1983 (when it was Sound of Music), but no longer. 

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Re: PayPal refund failure: (resolved by PayPal, NOT Best Buy)

Good afternoon, Dunsel,


Welcome to our community forums. I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us and let us know about your recent experience with this refund. I can certainly understand wanting to receive this refund as quickly as possible and to know it's status.


We strive to provide expert customer service no matter how you contact us and it sounds like we missed the mark on this occasion. While this feedback is disappointing to hear, it's critical we are aware of this so we can continue to improve our customer service in the future.


I hope we have the opportunity to provide you a better shopping experience in the future and regain your trust. If you need assistance at that time, please don't hesitate to reach out, we'll be here to help.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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