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Pathetic attempt of customer service

To whom it concerns,


Recently purchased a Apple watch from store number 1539 on 10/4. I had a giftcard that I had left at home and asked if I could return after the watch arrives to apply to the sale, I was informed that YES I could.


I re-vist the store on 10/12 stand in line for 10+ mins at customer service. Finally another associate shows up to help support and they walk right past me(next in line) without even a shred of acknowledgement to assist the customer who walked up to in store pick up just a moment prior. At that point I walked out.  Called customer service to file a complaint and ask if this could be done over the phone. After spending 20+ mins and being told I had zero options but to return to the store as the next closest are 45+ mins away. I was told someone would follow up with in 24-48 hours.


I re-vist the store again on 10/15, after hearing NOTHING. I spend another 10 mins at customer service while two employees struggle to figure how to make the adjustment. All the while they are speaking to their manager for help on the process who is standing 40-50 feet away in your Best Buy Mobile area. Then the associate begin to call his name out over and over again on the walkie and seem to be receiving no response, so I turn around to look in the manager direction and hes gone. At this point I asked if he has flat out stopped responding for the last few mins and what appears to be left the two of them alone and unable to complete the transaction. At this point, I walk out again.


I call 888-best buy ask to speak to someone, again to file a complaint. This new associate asks me to be professional on the call. I simply say I'm not following, I repeat the reason why I am calling and is told "I asked you to remain professional on the call". At this point I am now lost and confused and inquire to how exactly am I being unprofessional, at this point the agent hangs on me.


So now I call again, express what just happened to me and told that I would be transferred over to file the complaint and be compensated for the inconvenience. This catches me off guard and I ask what are you talking about with compensation. I am then told that they would do something for me, due to the poor customer service and so I get transferred to complaints. Upon the new agent picking up, the story changes from just days prior. Now I am told, any complaints about stores are not handled over the phone and need to be completed online. I explain what happened days prior and am told I need to re-vist the store and work with the mangers(well they have proven on 2 interactions in a matter of a week, that the management staff is incapable and unwilling to assist) I am then placed on hold while research could be completed. After spending another 25 mins on hold, I am told sorry there is nothing we can do for you. Other than you going back into that location or driving 45+ mins. 


So here I am having spent well over 60 mins of the course of two days with zero movement on what I have been trying to accomplish. 











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Re: Pathetic attempt of customer service

Hi there, defjeff99!


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Forums! 


I understand you have some concerns regarding your recent experience with us. I would hope that something like this could be completed for you easily, and I'm disappointed to hear that we had some trouble along the way. This being said, we'd be happy to see how we may be able to help you here! 


In cases like these, it is true that you would need to revisit the store in order to return and repurchase the item as you are intending so that you can use the gift card that you forgot at home. This is unfortunately not something that we would be able to accomplish for you over the phone or on these forums. In reviewing your messages, it does seem that you did not spend that much time at the store, prior to deciding to leave the store without getting the assistance you need. We definitely want to ensure that you get your concerns addressed and get the assistance you need with regards to this purchase.


I'd like to gather some of your information, as well as connect with the store to see how we can get this all taken care of for you. Keep in mind, you will most likely still need to revisit the store if you are interested in applying this gift card towards the purchase that you've already made, and we ask that you be patient while in the store while they work on getting this resolved for you. If you will please send me a private message that includes the following, I’ll do my best to help:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your order number

To send me a private message, please click the button labeled "Private Message" in my signature below.



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