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Order NEVER shipped, no one can help! On here as a last resort.

I've called four or five times since the issue started after I purchased a laptop sleeve on November 18, 2022. Other items were set for store pickup, but the laptop sleeve needed to be shipped and I have an email with an ETA of November 29. Then I received a delay email from Best Buy saying, "It's unusual, but if your item(s) aren't available by Tuesday, December 13, 2022, we'll cancel the item(s) and notify you by email"


None such email was ever sent, so I called to cancel the order and ask for a refund. Every CSR has been nice and understanding, but they either told me they couldn't issue a refund until the item actually ships (which is the whole problem, I could see it wasn't going to and I didn't want to wait, and the shipping status STILL hasn't updated and we are in March 2023), or they would helpfully submit a request for a refund, which would then be denied about an hour or two after we ended the call. That last situation has happened multiple times. So I've talked to multiple CSRs who thought they could fix the issue, then 2 hours later I get an email saying that the refund was denied. It seems like no one can escalate this. The second to last time I called, I was asked to wait until the end of the billing cycle because the refund would then appear. It has not appeared.


I called again today and was told that I am outside of the return window. BUT IT NEVER SHIPPED, and I was supposed to be issued an automatic refund if it wasn't available by Tuesday, December 13, 2022. Explained to Chris over the phone that the item never shipped, I was supposed to get a refund, the return window doesn't matter, and they asked if it was an open box. So I repeated myself - no, I never got the item, it was never shipped, it may not even exist, and I just want my money back that I've been asking for since November 2022. Chris submitted another refund request, said they would escalate to the back office, and offered a callback from their supervisor which I agreed to. Now I'm just waiting on the same email I've gotten every time, saying the refund has been denied.


What is the point of calling in so many times if every single person is just going to try and fail to do the same thing again and again? It's a relatively small amount of money but it's absolutely nothing to Best Buy, and I'm not going to be treated like a blip in the system. I'm not going to let this go - guaranteed, I would never have purchased the stupid laptop sleeve if I knew it was going to be such a PITA to get my money back. It seems like this is not a CSR problem, and someone from the back office or even the shipping team needs to go in and update an item to get the system to remove whatever's blocking the refund requests.

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Re: Order NEVER shipped, no one can help! On here as a last resort.

Hi there, gdal,


Thank you for reaching out to us here on Best Buy Forums, and welcome to our online community. I can certainly understand wanting support on your refund request.


Please know, as of March 20, the Best Buy Forums will be decommissioned. Our team will be available to provide support through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. In the future, you can also visit us at for assistance. We look forward to assisting you through these platforms!


If you would like to continue here in the interim, kindly send me a private message by clicking on the button near my signature. Be sure to include your full name, phone number, and email address, along with your order number or Customer Service PIN from your receipt. 

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