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Open-box excellent condition purchase and price change

I bought a dell laptop (i7620-7648GRE-PUS) as an open box excellent condition on January 27, 2023, for $1,053.99. Today, I looked and the price for an open box excellent dropped to $998.99.

I should be able to get a $55 credit on my card for the price difference right? I cant get a hold of anyone via chat.

If for some reason i cant get the credit, i would have to send this laptop back since i have until Feb 11 to return it? Then I could purchase another one at the lower price?

I dont see why I should have to go through all the hastle of doing that. I have not opened the package yet as I just got back from vacation, and noticed the price dropped, so need to know if i have to send it back, or will someone please credit me so i can avoid all the hastle?

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Re: Open-box excellent condition purchase and price change

Hi there, RedShift2023,


Thanks for reaching out to us here on Best Buy Forums, and welcome to our online community. 


I can certainly understand wanting the best price on your open-box item. Please note that our Price Match Guarantee only applies to new products. Open-boxed items are not eligible for price matches. 


Open-box items are also priced individually, due to a number of factors, such as condition, missing accessories, etc. As such, the price may vary from one open-item to another, even if they are the same model. 


All open-boxed items are also backed by our Return & Exchange Promise, so that is an option as well.


I hope this helps!

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