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One of the worst experiences I've had - don't backorder items in store

On March 26th, I went into my local Best Buy to order the new iPad Air. I typically make purchases via the website, but because I had a 10% rewards coupon (and of course it's for in-store only) that expired on March 31st, I wanted to capitalize on the savings. Apparently it's not common to apply coupons to orders that can only be shipped to your home because the gentleman that helped me ended up ringing the order incorrectly. I only know this because it took a few different attempts and I he didn't appear confident so the next day I contacted customer service via chat to verify that the points would be applied. They wouldn't. In hopes of not having to return to the store, I asked if I'd be able to attempt via the chat channel and have them place an order on my behalf. Unfortunately, this is not possible and was told I could call a number provided to place an order over the telephone. My first call seemed to be going well until we were disconnected. My second call did not go well because I was informed that Apple does not allow for orders to be placed over the phone and the gentleman apologized for the misinformation.


So, I then had to return on the 27th to reorder the product and a different gentleman was able to process my order without issue. Whew. Problem solved...or so I thought. On the 29th, I received an email notification, with a different order # (for the same product) that would be arriving once available. Concerned by this email, I decided to contact customer service via chat to see what was going on. I was told repeatedly that this was not a new order and that the item is now availalbe and it was a generated email to tell me that my order was shipping. I found this strange since my credit card was charged twice and the order number was different. After waiting a few days to see if the charges would change (they didn't), I once again contacted customer service via chat and was told that I was once again given incorrect information. Apparently when items fluctuate in stock, it is common practice for reps to place an order on your behalf to ensure that you receieve a product. THIS MAKES NO SENSE! What if I was near my credit limit and overdrafted due to this additional order?


Now I have two iPads coming my way: one I ordered, and a second one I did not. This second iPad then required me to return to the store for a THIRD time to return the product. I was very careful to return the product on the order placed by the Best Buy associate and not the order I had placed with my 10% rewards. Guess what? It didn't matter as I went from having approximately 2400 points pending to 1400!! I then contacted customer service via chat and was told that I needed to merge two accounts, which is why I couldn't see all of my points. Turns out that this information WAS ALL INCORRECT. Upon calling the number provided to me, it turns out that I had nothing to merge and that I was seeing all of my points. After explaining my situation for several minutes, I have now been told that I should have all of my points within 5 to 7 days. I will be watching this very closely and will be following up to this post to provide an update with the status.


Needless to say, I am extremely frustrated and am seriously considering cancelling my credit card and any other account associated with Best Buy. I've never had such a complicated and disjointed ordeal where nobody seemed to be able to give me the correct information.

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Re: One of the worst experiences I've had - don't backorder items in store

Hello, Disgruntled79,

Thanks very much for signing up for an account her with us at the Best Buy Community forums. I apologize for the poor experience you’ve had throughout this order process. From placing a second order to issues with your My Best Buy points, it sounds like we haven’t lived up to our promise of expert service here.

I’d like to have a chance to document this, and to make sure it looks like those My Best Buy points are on their way. Please send me a private message, through the link in my signature below this post. I’ll need your name, email address, phone number, and those order numbers, if you have them.


Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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