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One Month Later Still No Refund.



I returned a Surface Pro 6 (2018) to my local Best Buy on November 20th, 2018. I was told that I would receive my refund in the form of a check withithing 10-15 bussiness days. I was absolutely fine with this. But it has been 1 month and still no refund. 


I have made several purchases from Best Buy this year in order to do reviews on YouTube, I own a studio that a number of influencers use to produce tech reviews. I had no problem with Best Buy until now. How can you justify keeping $900+ of my money for over a month? *I would have been ok with a notification to let me know that this process is taking longer than expected - but that never happenend. This puts a bad taste in my mounth and really encourgaes me to bypass the local Best Buy and purchase my tech from Amazon. To be honest I was planning on putting most of that $900.00 back into Tech which would have been bought at Best Buy. 


Please let me know how we can reslove this issue. 


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Re: One Month Later Still No Refund.


The moderators are a little backed up due to increased holiday traffic, but to give you a bit of information in the meantime... 

  A month is definitely longer than I'd expect for a check refund to be processed and mailed out.  Have you been in touch with the store where you did the return?  The staff there will have resources available to verify that your mailing address was captured correctly, and an escalation path to get in touch with the business team that processes the check, so the store will have resources available to submit a status inquiry and, if necessary, request a replacement check for you.  

I hope this helps.  




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Re: One Month Later Still No Refund.

Hi akaimade,

Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Thanks for reaching out about this.

That check should have reached you by now, judging from the information in your post. 

I’d like to check into this to see if I can help at all. Please reach out to me through a private message by using the link in my signature below this post. I’ll need your name, email address, phone number, and the customer service PIN from your return receipt.


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Re: One Month Later Still No Refund.

Thanks Dano, I will reach out to the store and see if they can provide more clarification on the location of the check. I appreciate your response and I am very impressed with the responsiveness of the Best Buy Community!