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Office Home and Student

I have a computer that uses Windows 7, and needed to get a new MS Office system.  I went to a local Best Buy on 2/18/19 and told the person that I needed a MS Office that would run on Windows 7.  He was going to pull a card for a one year subscription, but I asked if their was one available for more than one year.  He gave me the Office Home and Student Card ($149.99).  Right before purchasing I asked the clerk if this would work on Windows 7 and he said yes.  Well, I scratched to get the key number and found out that it needs Windows 10.  I called the local store and they told me to call Microsoft as they would give me a code for it to work on Windows 7.  Windows support said they only provide Office 2019, which needs Windows 10.  


I went back to the store the next day.  They were willing to offer an Office 365 (about $70) in exchange for the Office Home and Student.  We also discussed upgrading the computer to Windows 10, but I would need more RAM.  I also looked at new computers in which to possibly use this card. While my computer is 5 years old, it has worked well, and would not need Windows 10, but for the MS Office.


Today, 2/20/19, I called Best Buy Customer Support toll free and was told it is mainly a store issue and to see if they would give a Best Buy Gift card for the difference in purchase price.  Customer Service was willing to provide a $20 gift card, which they said is independent of what the store will do.


It woud be one thing if I had not twice inquired if it would work on Windows 7, so there was ample opportunity for the clerk to verify.  Any assistance would be appreciated.