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Office 365 Subscription not updated with Renewal Paid

I am at my wit's end with Best Buy right now. I have been trying to get this resolved for 3 weeks and I've spend at least 10 hours between chat (useless), phone support (lied to me), and the store (told me to try calling). 

I have been renewing my MS Office subscription through Best Buy for the last few years. Never has any problems. My card gets charged, I continue using it, a year goes by, my card gets charged, etc. 

This time, my card was charged and on the Best Buy site it shows my subscription expires 7/15/2020 but when I open any of the Office apps, I've got messages popping up that my license expired. I tried entering the key to reactivate but Microsoft says the key has already been used. When I log into my Microsoft account, it shows my Office subscription through Best Buy expired on 7/15/2019. 

Chat support kept insisting they could remote into my computer and fix it. They can't. The problem is not on my end. Somehow, MS didn't get the message from BB that it was renewed. 

I work two jobs and I do not have the time to waste on this anymore. I want a new key issued to me so that I can activate what I have already paid for or I want my $60 back. 

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Re: Office 365 Subscription not updated with Renewal Paid

Update. Went into the store again today and spoke to Geeksquad for almost an hour. 

They say they can't refund the purchase because the original purchase is too old (2015). They tried to swap out the key by scanning a new key card but that didn't work. Finally in the end, their "solution" was to charge me $69.99 for a brand new subscription and then leave me on my own to call best buy customer service to try and get the charge from July reversed. 

The problem with all that is A) my subscription has been $59.99/yr  not $69.99. If I'm going to pay full price I would go direct to Microsoft and never have to deal with this mess again. B) So now I would be out $130 and have to fight and pray and hope to get an intelligent person on the phone that would want to, and be able to, refund me the $59.99 from July. Sorry, after all this, I have zero faith in that. I told them no thanks and that I will just try calling for a refund.

Obviously no one cares to respond to me here or on twitter so I don't know why I'm wasting more of my time here. 

I don't usually get to the point where I have to play the "I'm never buying here again" card because I'm generally very rational and reasonable. But seriously, in the last two months I have spent close to $7k at Best Buy. I stopped buying at Amazon and Walmart completely. But this has been enough to put me on the edge of never buying anything at Best Buy again. Is this generally how Elite Plus members are treated?

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Re: Office 365 Subscription not updated with Renewal Paid

Hi there, MattLebel!


Thanks for posting with us on the Best Buy Support Forums! 


Having trouble with something you purchased is never fun, especially when it's a software subscription like Office 365 that many people, myself included, rely on every day. Auto-renewing software is meant to be a great and easy concept that allows our customers to not have to worry about purchasing a new subscription every year, and it disappoints me to hear that your subscription doesn't seem to have been updated to reflect it's new expiration date.


I'd like to look into this for you, but will need some information to begin. If you will please send me a private message that includes the following, I’ll do my best to help:


  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address

To send me a private message, please click the button labeled "Private Message" in my signature below.



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Re: Office 365 Subscription not updated with Renewal Paid

I'd really love to know when I'm going to receive the rest of my refund. I've been told twice now that I will receive the full refund but your refund processing is down. It's been down for 3 weeks? How is that possible?