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this is a different subject: hopefully corp Best Buy reads their comments. Everyone is aware of the 'retail apocalypse' and like all big box stores Best Buy is hurting just not as bas as the new CEO has restructured the company so that merch is shipped from local stores and stores are now 'stores within stores' to stop show-rooming, so far this has helped somewhat. I have not shopped at Best Buy in 10 years as I only buy online. I'm not sure but someone in my company bought a $300 internet extender about 3 months ago that I was not aware of and just located the item on my charge card statement and found it in the corner of an office - the employee is long gone. I made 3 LONG calls to your Singapore office with no help as they are determined to 'educate' me on your return policy even after I explained to them the situation. I called your corp office in MN and just got the switchboard operator -- at this point I had to call my card in as a fraud charge as I don't recognize this charge. BOTTOM LINE: Best Buy, you know the retain climate we're in and Amazon and somewhat eBay is killing you --- after all this horrible service I received from you, I don't care what the price is, I will never click on anything from Best Buy again especially when you pay big dollars to Google to be found when someone is looking for a specific item. I know I'm one person --- but all of these 'one person's is putting pretty much all 'big box' stores out of business as you can not treat us this way anymore as online merch stores don't. You need to adjust yourself or you will not be here in five years from now.
I've seen your CEO trying to show shareholders via CNBC the changes but so far it's a big FAIL from my side

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You said you dont shop at best buy not do you plan to, does not give them much of an incentive to make an exception for you.

Your complaint about their return policy.. its been 3 months??? Even Amazon's return policy isnt 3 months. What exactly should they adjust thier return policy to?

You just admitted to fraudulently calling your credit card company to try and get. A Refund. For a product in your possession that an employee ordered. Hopefully best buy prints your post out for the credit card company.
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I spent over $20,000 a month on my credit card with my business and I pay it off in full and I have employees a charge my card sometimes that I was not aware of and I’m sorry if you do not agree with this but I will not shop at Best Buy again because I don’t have to be treated like this!
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Hi, treymail,


We appreciate you taking the time to create a profile here on the Best Buy Forums! I have certainly missed a charge or two on my card before, so I can’t imagine how you keep up with your business card, and all the charges associated with it.


As it seems like you may know, Best Buy's Return & Exchange Promise allows for the return or exchange of most products within 15 days of purchase (30 days for My Best Buy Elite members and 45 days for Elite Plus members). Since it sounds like this item has fallen outside of all of these windows, it would not qualify per the terms listed.


I can understand your position on the matter, but I do hope that you give Best Buy another opportunity to better serve you and your business in the future.



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