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Nightmare Customer Service - Where do I go from here?

I apologize for the lengthy post in advance, but I don't know what to do at this point. I have exhausted any and all options, have spent over 14 hours on the phone with Best Buy, made multiple store trips, and still cannot find any resolution. No one can help me and I have no idea who to contact at this point.  I have been as patient as possible and am just trying to ge tthis resolved. I'm really just hopeful someone can give me some advice on some someone I can contact directly for this issue.
After trying for a year, I finally got "lucky" enough to purchase an item a hard to get item, with a total of $2,177 with tax. On checkout, I received the option to apply for a Best Buy financing. I figured why not, as I have a few financial obligations over the next month and this is interest free. I was approved, the item balance was applied to the new credit card, and I thought all is well. I get an email a few days later stating I need to update my payment information. I was confused, and called, and found out I was approved for only $2,000. Unfortunately, with the tax, this came to $2,177. Why Best Buy is not including tax in the credit application algorithm is beyond me, but I figured no big deal I will put the rest on a different credit card.
Apparently, you can't do this with online orders, but this wasn't before the first of over 25 employees I've had to interact with over a period of 14 hours of calls told me otherwise. The first employee told me I could split my payment, and I gave them my debit card. They then told me I need to call my bank and authorize the transaction. I was confused as I have never had to authorize a $177 transaction before. This is when I got a notice stating that $2,177 was trying to be charged to my debit card. The employee told me I need to call my bank, and tell them to only authorize $177 out of that. This is not even possible or anythiny I've ever heard of. This was my first experience with what I have now learned is a horror show of first line support staff.
I have spent over 14 hours on the phone with Bestbuy since then, and various supervisors. I was told that what this employee did is not possible. I was told by another supervisor if I go into the store I can split the payments. I went to the store and they told me they can't because it's an online order. I was told by another employee I could overpay my credit card, which would bring my available credit up. I did this and was then told that wouldn't work. Basically any time I called, I was told a completely contradicting thing. Eventually, a supervisor reduced the price of the item to $2,000 flat so I would have the available credit, although with my in store overpayment I had $2,200 available anyway. While thankful for the discount, I sincerely just want to get the item and would rather have paid extra than have to deal with this. I've been trying to get a GPU for a year.  I was told that when this went through the order would process and I'd be able to pick it up and I would have no issue. The price change went through, but it's still on hold. The payment is stuck on awaiting authorization. This lead to over 7 hours of 3 way phone calls with BestBuy and Citibank alone, and them being unable to process the order. After numerous calls, and supervisors being unable to retry my payment method because it wasn't allowing them when they hit the button, a ticket was put in to internal BestBuy IT and I was given a confirmation number and told by a supervisor I would be called back within 24 hours. It's been 3 days and no call back. I am also stuck in some infinite loop where every time I try to update my payment information in repeatedly sends me verification codes but doesn't let me proceed.
After a few days passing, I finally have tried to call Bestbuy again today. I cannot tell you how frustrating the experience of dealing with customer support is. Every single person you speak with tells you something different. I have been told so many completely contradictory things by so many employees that this post would be 5 times as long if I elaborated on them all. No one can help me. They also do not allow you to speak with a supervisor without first troubleshooting the issue. Because of that, I have to go through the process of explaining the situation again and again, which is very time consuming and having them perform the same troubleshooting steps which do not work.  Even after the situation is thoroughly explained in detail, and I tell them verbatim a supervisor needed to put a ticket in for this, calling Citicard on 3 way isn't going to work, and I have the available credit available and have gone through this numerous times, whatever person I speak with comes back and tells me that the reason it didn't go through is because I didn't have enough available credit and tells me I need to use a different credit card. It's unbelievable, as if there is a total disconnect from what I am saying and they are robots reading from a handbook.  I've genuinely wasted 14 hours of my life explaining this situation to the same people over and over again and being told the same unhelpful information. No one can find any evidence of this IT ticket in the system I was told I would be called back in 24 hours about, and it takes over an hour to even get the opportunity to speak with a supervisor which is only done after being forced to go through the same process of 3 way calling citicard over and over. Today though, this nightmare has reached a new point, where I am now being placed on hold for upwards of 30+ minutes to speak with a supervisor and then being hung up on the second they take the call. This has happened 3 times today, and I've spent over 2 hours on the phone. The supervisor literally sees the case, doesn't want to deal with it, and is hanging up on me without calling me back. I'm trying to give BestBuy my money.
I have never in my life experienced anything like this in customer service. My only option at this point I imagine is to just cancel the order which I've spent over a year trying to get. Unfortunately though, I now have a Best Buy credit card that I solely signed up for to purchase this item with an extremely high APR for a store that Ido not think I will be shopping at ever again after this experience.. Is there anything I can do at this point? Is there anyone I can contact regarding this other than the standard Bestbuy phone number? If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Nightmare Customer Service - Where do I go from here?

Hello, AnthonyD85,


Welcome to the forums!


I appreciate you taking the time to write us regarding your purchase. Having a My Best Buy Credit Card myself is not only convenient, but comes with some perks as well. We try to pride ourselves in ensuring we provide great customer service through any situation. I’m here to help anywhere I can.


Being that this is a credit card limit situation, even though we have partnered with Citibank to be able to provide our customers with a Best Buy Credit Card, they have their own terms. You are welcome to contact Citibank at (888) 574-1301 and ask them to raise your limit, or you can also contact them online here. They are in the best position to provide you with the answers you’re looking for.


I would also like to document this experience for you, but I am going to need some information from you first. Please, private message me with the order number, along with you full name, phone number, and e-mail. To send it, click on the “Private Message” button next to my signature.



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